Should Jonathon Brown be declared a national disaster area?

J.Brown (and push-bike) V Hyundai = wrecked bike, car towed away….. and Brownie walks away with an elbow injury this morning while on training ride.

Julia should declare him a national disaster area PRONTO ?…

Apparently the driver is in a critical condition after the car bounced off Brown’s head and rolled back down the street.

possibilities are high this huge quantity of oil will make its way up the east coast and persist with currents all a thank you to Europe. that’s plenty worse than is being portrayed. most of the sea is going to grow to be a ineffective zone. every physique is starting to be unwell from the air the place the oil has hit the coastal aspects. that’s even worse than a countrywide disaster.

Hes seriously tough. The car probably got more wrecked than him.

Wouldn’t want to be the owner of the car, probably looks like GT now

Not surprised some of you handbags down there don’t recognise toughness. Go and watch a melbourne storm game you soft kocks

He was probably riding like he plays!

Sure seems like it, how much stuff can happen to one guy seriously.


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