If Hillary Clinton wins the election and becomes President, does that make Bill Clinton the First Lady?

Good question!

But then again, isn’t that kind of the way it was when he was in the White House, anyway?!

He become the First Husband

First Gentleman.
Our president is a lady and that’s how we address her husband.

If that happens it will really screw up the first lady exhibit at the Smithisonian

as you may or may not know, we’ve only had male presidents so far. if hillary wins, i guess bill will be known as “first gentlemen” or first man or something….

I think he always has been the first lady! And by the way, she sucks too!


He’ll be the first, First Man. I hope that doesnt happen though.

Obama `o8 :o)

Lol, first lady, definitely!!

I’m with Buk on this one

It makes him the First Pimp.

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