Do women really love men as much as men love women?

Men lust after women as well as love them. Many men say they cannot live without women, but some women say they can live without men. Does that mean that men love women more than women love men?

Can a woman be physically attracted to a man with the same intensity a man is physically attracted to a woman?

I don’t know where you’re from, but where I’m from the stereotype is that women are usually much more emotionally invested in their relationships than men are, and men are mostly just interested in sex. Yes, women love men, but I don’t think it works the same way. A man can love a woman he barely knows, just because he likes the way she looks. That seems like a very shallow “love.” So, I’ve always thought that men don’t really love the way that women do. I could never love someone i don’t know. But that seems to be how it works for men.

Women can definitely be very much attracted to a man physically, but for me, I have to like the man a lot before I’m really interested. If I dislike him, or if I don’t know anything about his personality, than he’s just a handsome face–nice to look at, but I won’t think about him very much. I think men are more interested in the purely physical.

I agree with Peaches.

I’m an English major, and one of the things that I’ve learned from reading literature is that when men talk about “love,” they’re usually really talking about lust.

No they love eachother equally. Sometimes women like to complain
But, some men say they can live without women as well. And, yes a woman can be the same amount of attracted, but a man has to be good in order for her to be attracted to him. Men are almost always horney

Disagree. Getting away from women doesn’t mean we love them less. It’s just our nature that we are more social than women. Women have adapted very well using the mobile phone. They can be at home but on the phone for ages, which is a way of getting away from men. However, she’s right about the sperm thing, women would still want a man even if he isn’t needed for reproduction – they’ll need to show off to their friends, won’t they?

I think in a lot of cases, women love men more than men love them back. But men tend to be drawn to a physical attraction more than women… which is why women “love” more. A relationship based largely on physical attraction is frequently more lust than love. I think women are better able to see what’s inside, or even in a smile, or a person’s eyes whereas men are initially drawn to bra size or figure or how someone looks in what they’re wearing.

Depends on the person…” I love you because I need you or I need you because I love you”…it seems that most men love women because they need them to keep them “together” while women will only stay in love for the second part.

I STRONGLY BELIEVE that the intensity of love that a man or a woman feel towards the opposite sex depends on how much spice (chili) thay have eaten or have been eating.

Yes, there are many loving women around.

well !! lust and love 2 are very different things, u cant compare with eachother, and iam a man, and i love my gal so much, and its not a lust,its a love i never measure the deepness of love, boz you cant,

Women love money and security

women is the source for love
love generated from women
men love is only physical
woman’s love is build mentally
this is a bit speak about woman’s love
words r not enough to speak about that

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