Did Israel choose to attack now because they new Obama would be weak on Hamas and terrorism in general?

Yes. Why do you think Hamas endorsed Obama. He once said that “no people have suffered like the Palestinians have.”

The question I have is why did most American Jews vote for Obama?

No. The current government’s party is suffering lack of popularity in Israel in the upcoming election, since it has neglected the people around Gaza and didn’t do anything to protect them. They decided to win some electorial votes by stopping their restraint and taking action.

I also think that if Obama was in office, Israel would do the exact same thing, even faster.

While on his middle east tour last year, he visited Sderot, one of the cities suffering the Hamas attacks most and he already gave his advice and opinion back then:

asked by the New York Times whether Israel should negotiate with Hamas in Gaza, he replied, “I don’t think any country would find it acceptable to have missiles raining down on the heads of their citizens.”
and he continued:
“The first job of any nation state is to protect its citizens. And so I can assure you that if — I don’t even care if I was a politician. If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

Isreals attack was a response to a massive increase in the number of rockets being shot into their terrtitory by Hamas.

So, if anything, it may be that Hamas chose to attack now, because their cease fire expired on Dec. 19th and they saw an opportunity to put Isreal in an awkward position and clearly hamper one of the last goals of president Bush’s term in which had hoped to find a peace solution there – and therewith add a positive note to his legacy.

Evens still,
Imagine if canada started firing rockets into the US and a few of them ended up killing some people, wouldn’t you hold them accountable and want to stop them from shooting these.

And yet,
the response is complete overkill. For every Isreali, there are several thousand Palestinians dead. Hamas has crappy RPGs that can barely pierce the border and Israel is carrying out a strategic campaign with F16s and are amassing their troops on the border of Gaza. I thiink that things will get really bad – because Isreal has had poor leadership for the past decade, just as the US has.

These are the same F16s that were sold to Isreal in 2001 as one of Bush’s first moves in office and precipitated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th.

Israel knows they are on their own with a President Obama. They are showing the terrorists that with or without the US they can and will defend themselves. They have to send a clear message to the Muslim terrorists, because the terrorists will become emboldened because they know that BO secretly supports them (he says so in his book). Get ready to see Israel doing a lot more of this kind of stuff in order to show the terrorists that they are not weak. The only thing terrorists understand is force, using diplomacy with them is a pipe dream (Obama’s tactic).

No, Israel attacked now because they can’t stand having a moment for peace. I just want to forget about the godforsaken region called the middle east. Every time violence cools down and we begin diverting our attention away from the region Israel get worried that we will forget about it and its little problem with the Palestinian and they attack out of no where. Look up all there attacks. The do it when things cool down its soo annoying. And no Obama will be the greatest President ever, he will not be soft on anything. He will give America the respect it deserves. He will be able to get unstable and terroristic governments to decrease there hatred of America and sit on the negotiating table to cease the violence. The question is when Obama gets the Palestinian on the negotiation table, will the Israeli’s be willing to negotiate or will they continue on there campaign of Middle eastern domination and unsuitability.

i’m sure that was a factor in their decision. as well as their upcoming elections and needed to show it’s people they would protect at all costs.. but, all you have to do is look at history. and it will show that Israel has never shied away from military actions to protect their citizens. rightfully so. do people honestly think that if Mexican radical militants were lobbing rockets across the border into Texas or California for years on end, the United States wouldn’t respond militarily?.. Israel is completely justified in what they are doing.

YEAH, everyone knows he is a hippie (not being racist but facts are facts). If he thinks he can dig us out of war by going into office and flagging a peace sign and flying to country’s that hate us and talking with these people in person he is so wrong.

And they don’t have to wait until he is in office it is inevitable. Its not like in a week someone will change their mind. So they can attack whenever they choose it will end up in his lap anyway

I did predict this on YA after the election. Israel is no longer counting on the support of USA because of the outcome of the election. The USA has been a buffer, sort of keeping Israel in check, if you will, because they have wanted for years to kick a$$. Now they are on their own and they are out for blood.

Israel knows obama will not be totally be supportive of Israel and they will try to make Obama choose. But if Obama is smart he will not give his personal views on this. rather let the foreign affairs do the diplomatic pressure.

That makes perfect sense because Hamas is getting the **** kicked out of them and Obama’s not in office.

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