Can I go to jail for not paying a speeding ticket?

I’m only 18. I’m too scared to tell my dad because we’re having financial troubles and the speeding ticket costs $440. I actually got the ticket a year ago, but they didn’t do anything about it. My friend said it’ll catch up to me, they’re taking too long because the system is so clogged up….

In my state a speeding ticket that is only an infraction, doesn’t require jail time. You signed a solemn oath to pay the fine or appear in court. When you break your oath, your license was suspended and your fine was increased to the maximum allowable by law and additional court fees were added to your fine.

However, if your speeding ticket was a criminal misdemeanor (25mph or higher over the limit), a warrant was issued for your arrest. When the officer stopped you, you were given the opportunity to be driven to jail and post a bond or sign a solemn oath to appear in court later.

You must have been speeding an awful lot for it to get that high. By ignoring the ticket, you will have a bench warrant out for your arrest. Trust me, they are doing something about it. If you are stopped and they find the bench warrant, you will go to jail.

It’s also possible the car you drive will be towed or booted.

Tell your parents NOW because the longer you wait, the more expensive it will get. You are an adult now, it’s time to act like one. Get off your ***, get a job, and pay for your mistake.

Yes, but only for like a week or less. It’s a class A misdemeanor. Tell your parents, if they don’t pay the ticket, the police can get a warrant for your arrest.

The longer you take, the more it will cost…they will just keep adding late fees & penalties…until it goes over a certain amount, at which point you will get a Summons to Court for non-payment…and if you do not go to THAT, then they may issue a warrant for your arrest…

If you get pulled over again, you will be put in jail… as it is right now, over a year, you will have a fine of nearly 800 dollars… It’s best to get ahead of this and see if you wouldn’t be able to make payments on this… but again if you get pulled over again, you will go to jail, as your licesnse is suspended.

Not unless you accumulate several $xxx worth of tickets, Not showing up for court is a different matter.

Yes. They will put a warrant out for your arrest.

you’d probably get a lateness fee

i’m sure you have a warrant, you’ll go to jail.

No problem, it gets added to your license tag renewal fee.

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