I love a girl, but she don’t love me?

I love a girl sincerely and want to marry her but she don’t love me, whenever i talk to her she speaks well, but when it comes to love, she says i am your friend. She never used to speak to me by her own interest, when i call her or msg her she speaks very well, as if she is very caring to me.. I am confused,…

Its clear that shes not interested to you!
She doesn’t have any feeling for you except that of a good friend.
And she never speaks on her own clearly indicates that she does not wish to talk to you!
So it would be better that you stop thinking of her and just wait.
You will definitely find another love..! Life is really big and you will meet a lot of pretty girls in your way and maybe the special one also!
Hope I helped! All the best.

She doesn’t feel about you how you feel about her…however, she is aware of your feelings, but she’s trying not to hurt you, but she doesn’t have ANY intention of marrying you. She’s just trying to act like she cares, but she doesn’t care more than a friend would. Realize it..and MOVE ON! ;p


You cannot make a girl love you by convincing her. Yours is a one sided love, she has made it clear to you that she does not love you and just wants to be your friend. Maybe, she has somebody else in mind. Get yourself another girl, who will love you. You can be happy that way.

She may be afraid on you whether you like her really or not or she may be afraid on her parents too. So if you love her so much then tell your parents about your love and make them to meet her parents and talk about the marriage. Life is very short and we must make any decision soon or the chance may be gifted to others which is now on our hand.

you have to move on and find someone who REALLY loves you. i’m sorry but you can’t force someone to love you.

Find another girl if she doesn’t love you…

Generally she like u very much but she expected some special things from her hubby. First of all u
find and reach that special then surely she will come to u routinely


All you need to do is to be patient, hard working in any area of your life. especially if you are student, always be the best in your class by upgrading yourself daily, do things that she may always admired at you. Be always faithful and truthful to her, never be afraid of her and never let her understands your weakness. Always try to prove it to her that you love her.

Be honest with her and tell her how she feels about the both of yall going all the way and making love and see how she feels about it and if she says yes than go for it!

move on dude , you will just waste your valuable time behind 1 girl , baki kyasab tail lane gayi hai,there is always another choice , d world is crowded with fake girls ,so my suggesion is that you must move on and look of another 1

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