Educated Black women and white men. Uneducated Black women and Black men?

I live in San Diego and I am a student at San Diego State University. I’ve noticed that some of the most prominent couples in my area are educated black women who have white partners. I’ve noticed this as well when I traveled in the mid-west and in the east coast. Educated Black women and white men were…

People marry others at the same social strata.
Most educated people hang out with people in the same interest/field where there are less blacks to choose from.
So some black men and women may marry with different races because that’s who they are meeting daily

Oftentimes we are attracted to those with the same level of education and/or (also) we are at the age of looking for partners during our college years. There are an overwhelming amount of African-American females seeking higher ed over African-American males. This is just a statistic. I work in College Admissions at a North Central Florida University. Perhaps females have a higher desire to advance their education because oftentimes the sole responsibility of bringing up children they already have or will have lies solely upon the mother so they are more driven to “feed their family” and therefore have an edge over education therefore that brings them to environments where other higher educated individuals are. Although I’m Caucasian, I actually am usually attracted to African-American men on physical attraction alone. But oftentimes, because of what else I expect (not necessarily higher ed) I end up in longer term relationships with Caucasians. In my experience alone, Caucasian men tend to be more comfortable with commitment and monagamous relationships than African-American males.

There are educated black men too and they use the same bs line for why they don’t date black women. Why do “educated” black people hate their own race? Sounds like something only a stupid person would do to me. I don’t think people should choose partners on race, but love. That’s just common sense, which some people clearly don’t have.

…..Uh, I won’t lie and say I haven’t noticed this trend but I went to college with several educated black men and dated one throughout my college days.

You’re probably going to get a lot of unnecessary hate from this….

Hmmm, level one account made today with one question asked. Ah, a new school troll, who throws away the blatant nasty racism of traditional troll in favor of subtle manipulation. I wonder what the real identity of the questioner is? Is a white man looking to see black people squabble about him? Is a black man looking for proof that black women resent him? Is a black woman trying to stir the pot? Is this a person of another race entirely who’s just bored? Place your bets!

women who want and are deserving of an educated black man know where to find them.some women stay in the high school mentality where the cool guy is the one skipping class and being obnoxious,and that’s who they wanted then,that’s who they desire now.

i think so. its one of the reasons why so many non-white women go for white men in the first place, because they know they have a better chance of having successful lives with white men who are more likely to be educated.

If she was so smart why did she bother sleeping with a bum in the first place?

Educated Black women are usually more open minded. So they have no issue dating outside their race.

Yeah, your right. Even though I hate colored people, its no surprise educated Black women would settle for whites. White society not only has an influence on the United States, but also the whole world. You have a higher chance of living a decent life if you settle for white men.

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