Will indian cricket team win there 3rd test match with pakistan…?

India is leading the indian oil cup test series by 1-0.but the 2nd test match has resulted as a draw.what will india do in there 3rd test match?will they win the series or will they draw it ?

sure,india is the best between asian countries.
since india is leading the series & there is no chances for pak to have any more wins in this series.india will win it,if it is a draw then indian oil cup goes to INDIA.

Pak team somehow likes the Bangalore pitch and they have won the last time they played here. If I remember correctly, last time Pak beat India by 160+ odd runs with Younis and Inzi scoring plenty of runs. India has bowlers owes and pitch not helping and add Indian batsmen struggling on this pitch, makes me think Pak will win this. The only way, India will win is, as Kumble said Score 600+ runs and take 20 wkts. So Pak wins and tie the series,just like in 2003-4 series.

At present Pakistan is short of at least one bowler.While their batting is good they will have to struggle if they don’t get another bowler.
India’s bowling too is not so good.The side which posts a big total in the first innings will be the favourite to win.

Indian team is funny!
You can never predict. I fail to understand how they let things slide negatively.

well its alot of pressure on them to win .. i just hope its a good game would make it interesting for it to be a close game and not all one sided. im sure everyone will do their best xx

Of course they will win.
This entire series and test is soooooooooooooooooo one sided, BORING!


pakis r gonna win! =]

yes by all means……..


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