Why did you choose me God?

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I have absolutely nobody to spend it with
because I am a virgin and I do not do drugs or alcohol and I have no family I moved from Okc, Ok
to LA, CA when I was 18 and I am homeless I live in a homeless shelter My only family which is my 25 year old brother doesn’t want to do…

I’m sorry to hear u have no family, And that u are homeless, but it seems like you’ve made some good decisions in life, u should feel happy that u saved yourself, don’t do drugs or alcohol, that’s a lot more then a lot of us can say. You should count your blessings. God doesn’t make mistakes. You just got to trust Him. Your real young so you shouldn’t feel like your life is worthless. Your life is just beginning. try an get a job, so u can support yourself and not have to depend on anyone. Let painful circumstances motivate you to go out and make something out your life. Keep your head up. And remember ” trouble doesn’t last always”

GOD DOESN’T MAKE TRASH! Always remember this. You may be at a low point in life but the bright side is .. it can only get better from here!

So, you are twenty? You are barely considered an adult (which means you have your WHOLE life ahead of you!)

The only family you have is your brother? Try putting your feet in his shoes. Is there any reason for him to have harsh feelings toward you? Have you done something in the past that has made him lose his respect for you? If so, APOLOGIZE! Tell him how you are feeling and the situation you are in. If you are lucky enough for him to accept you back into his lifestyle.. NEVER take advantage of that. Treat him as you would want to be treated.. you don’t want to lose him. If he doesn’t forgive you, give him time.. soon he might.

In the meantime, try going to college and planning for a career. Go to the local university and see what kind of programs they offer for young adults in your situation (remember you are never alone).

Feeling low because you don’t the body you want? Running is a free way to burn fat & feel better about yourself.

As far as feeling like you want to harm yourself or others, you should see a doc. can not only provide you with a FREE therapist, they could also determine if you have a psychological problem like depression.. (which sometimes needs medication to treat).

So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, clean up, get together, and make an appointment.

It is NOT going to be easy. But I believe you can do it.

Well, that all does sound really really rough and I’m sorry it’s like that for you! But I guess you’re right, things could be worse. Just try to think that everytime you’re feeling really suckish. You’re brother could be dead, you could have no place to stay. It sucks that your only brother and family doesn’t want to do anything with you. Keep trying to hangout with him, but also consider meeting new people. Get a job, join a charity, anything that will help you meet people. It’s funny but I bet there’s lots of people out there who will be your friend, you just gotta find the right ones. And as for being fat and ugly, you’re never as fat and ugly as you think! Haha.. I always think that about myself but then someone will randomly complement me on something and make me feel better. Some people are just angels like that so remember what I said you just gotta find the right people. Remember, “if he takes you to it he’ll help you through it”<—– quote we always tell my aunt with cancer. I really hope things get better for you, good luck!!

I’m so sorry!! It may seem like no one cares bout you but God does!! I am so sorry!! I feel SO bad for you! Just stay strong honey! Im so sorry about your birthday situation!!! You don’t need your brother!!!! Try to get a part time job like at Dunkin Dounuts or something, go to college (online? or to an acual college) Save some money up! Save up for a new house! Try to make some new friends! Try meeting friends at your college. Just stay strong honey ♥ ♥ And you will be able to go anywhere!Keep loving yourself. You dont need anybody! Your independent, and Beautiful! Be yourself forever and always! Ik its hard but stay strong an you can go ANYWHERE. i wish u the BEST of luck! Ill keep you in my prayers! good luck! ♥

Homeless shelters don’t have internet.
Get a job. Stop complaining. There ARE people that are worse off.
You are 20 years old. It’s time to take care of yourself.

it may look from interpreting Revelation 12:7-9 the two occurred. enable us to verify Revelation first V7 And there became into awar in heaven: Michael and his cangels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, V8 And prevailed no longer; neither became into their place chanced directly to any extent further in heaven. V9 And the super dragon became into acast out, that previous serpent, referred to as the devil, and devil, which deceiveth the entire international: he became into forged out into the earth, and his angels have been forged out with him. it may look from this interpreting that each physique of Gods infants had to make a call whilst we’ve been all in the Spirit international. ie past coming to earth. the fairly some spirits chosen to pass with devil whilst different chosen God as their grasp. As those people who chosen to persist with God went approximately our on an familiar basis lives, there have been at circumstances as quickly as we’ve had a deep conviction (felling in case you like) that we are referred to as to do some thing. it may come as a nevertheless small voice or an answer to prayer by using a deep all convincing feeling interior us that we could obey. some people brush aside those thoughts as being our very own concepts whilst others understand them as instructions from God. As we obey those thoughts we comprehend that we’ve been chosen by using God to finished fill some activity He has for us. God does not make us serve Him yet places previously us the prospect to be referred to as by using Him to serve Him for His very own objective. Like devil and his angels, many are referred to as yet few are chosen.

Why are you homeless? Ever hear of welfare? Move somewhere cheaper.

Join the military.they can use any one. u might learn a new skill

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