We’re organising a fashion show in school but the problem is that we do not know where to get clothes to model

Has anyone got any ideas as to where we can borrow clothes from??? (remember that this show is for charity – so we can’t spend a fortune!!!) So far, we have decided on people bringing in some of their own clothes. If you’ve organised one before, you’ve probably got better ideas than us… Pls reply!!!

You could try approaching some of your local clothes shops – they might lend you some clothes in exchange for advertising. Approach them in as professional a way as you can – ask a teacher to advise you. Another possibility is your local theatre – they might lend you some costumes. Good luck with your show – I hope you have fun and raise lots of money!

Contact shops or department stores in your area. A good theme is formal wear, especially if your school will be having a Christmas formal. In the spring, a prom idea fashion show would be very popular. The stores get the advertising and goodwill and the school group charges a small fee at the door and sells concessions. You might ask some other businesses in the area to donate door prizes. That makes attending the show more interesting to the general public (guys, for instance).

we did that too.. people bringing in their own clothes can work too but you can also try to go to stores & see if they are willing to donate some stuff (most likely what is on sale & extremely marked down) but the best option that we used.. go to the closest colleges nearby that have fashion merchandising, fashion design, apparel & textile studies, or anything like that. usually there are a few course requirements in those majors that include garment construction & students usually have to make a lot of unique & one of a kind clothes. try contacting a professor or chairperson, some of the students might be willing to sell their stuff & some of them might even be willing to just give it away or even make something new for the show

Wont hurt to try deparment stores, large or small like in a major mall. Ask colleges about fashion students that might want to display a line. Also try and find a salon that would like to donate time to make-up and hair, they should also have info on how to go about getting clothes..so would the clubs in colleges they throw fashion shows all the time. lastly there is a cite on yahoo called freecycle.org there you can post your request for any item needed clothes, accessories decor, etc. I planned a backyard wedding with the items recieved and it was beautiful.

having the charities or other kids in the school make clothes is a good idea, you can also have kids in your school donate some clothes and if you don’t like them you guys can alter them! For everyone to see their old clothes in a fashion show would be awesome!!

You’ll have to bring in your own clothes, so depending on how many people are in this clothes show whether organising it or modelling, will depend on how many items of clothing you each bring in. But, you may need to bring in 2 outfits each. And try theming things. ie. One walk will be dance wear, so each ‘model’ brings in dance clothing, and models it. etc.

Try contacting locally-owned clothes shops, and ask if they would like to come to the school to show off their products. They would get free advertising out of it, it worked at my school (many years ago).

Why don`t you approach the Charity shops about this they have alot of good quality clothes and probably would be pleased with the publicity…..

what area are you from?
A debenhams near me allowed our school to borrow dresses an suits for a charity fashion show. Maybe they could help you?

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