Should we refer to all non-Christians as “Atheists” or “Satanists”?

Calling all non-Christians, whatever they are (Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, etc), as Atheists may seem appropriate. They are without our Christian God, and Savior, Christ. They are, therefore, without God, or Atheists.

Satanists may seem like an appropriate term as well. As Luke 11:23 says, all those who are not…

I’m not looking for Best Answer from you. I’m more concerned with pointing out that words have meanings and you can’t just pretend they mean whatever you want them to mean (like Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland who, you may remember, came to a bad end).

An atheist is someone who does not believe in any god, doesn’t believe there ARE any gods. It’s not about them being ‘without’ your version of a god. So that’s not an appropriate term for non-Christians.

Satanists would be those who see some entity called Satan as being a god. You can’t just turn the word round to mean anyone you don’t agree with. Oh, and you’re entirely wrong – Jews don’t “oppose Satan” – we don’t have any concept resembling your Christian ‘Satan’, a powerful evil entity opposed to your deity. HaSatan (The satan) in Jewish understanding is merely an angel who, under G-d’s instruction, acts as the adversary in order to test us. At least get your facts right before condemning us.

You are such a jerk! Hindus, Catholics and those you deem non-Christian are NOT atheists, they believe in THEIR “god”. As far as this mythical Satan is concerned, I don’t worship anything that I don’t think exists and that’s ALL so-called supreme beings, this Satan dude included. I wonder how you feel about Hindus and Muslims and if they were to to deem YOU a devil worshipper because you revere Jesus as “god”. I’ll bet that would really tick you off. Read a book, for your own good.

“I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”
…Stephen F Roberts

Refer to people how they want to be known.

I think atheist is more appropriate for someone who doesn’t support any religion, but if they are religious (Christian or otherwise) refer to them by their chosen belief.

But ‘Satanist’ is definately out of the question, because if a person doesn’t believe in God or Jesus they are highly unlikely to believe in or ‘support’ Satan.

Generalizations are not often a competent theory. yet, on the different hand, they’re commonly in line with some center of actuality. as an occasion, interior the united states, there are a number of Christian businesses that are very aggressive in attempting to enforce their version of morality, that’s quite restrictive and illiberal. Even oppressive. i don’t think of which could be called “liberal” by employing any definition of the term. once you think approximately that actuality, it quite is comprehensible why one would desire to gererally evaluate non-Christians greater liberal than Christians.

It is insulting to label people as something they are not. Just because most Christians are ignorant and closed minded does not mean they have a right to label people as Satanists or Atheists if they are not one. Whether Christians like it or not, Christianity does not yet rule this world. There is still hope.

I dont care what you refer to me as. Im not a satanist … Satan is another fictional element of your ancient cult. Borrowed from other older religions. You folks are hopelessly deluded and irrational people. Why would I care what a nutjob refers to me as ? Unless said nutjob … is actually stupid enough to say it to my face. At which time you shall need all of your fictional gods help. To avert the butt whipping that will likely get put on you.


Just because they don’t believe in YOUR god doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in ANY god or worship the in the devil in some form or another.

Open your eyes – christianity may have some good ideas, but so do other religions. No one religion is correct in all respects and no one religion is completely wrong.

Im athiest, and just because I dont believe in god doesnt mean im a worshipper of satan. I dont believe in satan, or god, or jesus, or heaven/hell or any of that stuff. Athiests are NOT satanists

The God of the Old Testament is “Satan”, I don’t worship the God of the Old Testament. Not really into labels but Luciferian would probably best describe my beliefs but I don’t worship anything.

If you believe in God (no matter religion), you are not atheist and if you don’t follow satan, you are not satanist.

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