My 13 year old friend is dating a 19 year old is that ok?

My friend(Girl 13) is dating a 19 year old boy and they have already like planned getting married and she wants to move in with him because she hates life at home.
I don’t think it seems like a good idea but they said it was love at first sight. There both emo’s do you think its ok?

in the long run it won’t matter, but right now it’s ILLEGAL she’s barely a teenager and he’s already 19

well I don’t know them, and I don’t know their situation, or their parents that would probably or probably not give this 13 year old permission to marry him. But I do know the law, and a 19 year old with a 13 year old is most of the times illegal. and 13 and 19 are not only different by age, but different by maturity. she hasn’t even begun to live life yet, and a 19 year old guy most of the times can still be trapped in a 12 year old’s body depending on his maturity level. so I’d say, no it’s not a good idea at all on all counts!

No, that is anything but okay. He’s 19. She’s 13. Not only is it considered illegal but you have to wonder why he can’t get a girl his own age and must date little girls instead.
And it’s not love, no matter what she says. It’s puppy love or probably even lust. Tell the mother so she can to deal with this now before it gets out of hand. Sit your friend down and explain to her why it’s not right. Tell her your concerns and please tell her parents since they probably aren’t even aware of this. She may say she hates you but don’t let that defer you. You have to put a stop to this now before something happens. Get the cops involved if need be but this situations tends to end up badly.

I totally agree. Statutory Rape really comes to mind. She has to remember, it might just be puppy love, even though he is 19. She should at least wait until 17 and almost 18. And, she has to see what type of husband he will be. Is he kind and treats her like a baby- or is he ruff and treats her like a guy. Then does he his her and will be abusive. Jealous? Or barley even notices her when he’s around other people… Or girls.

Does he want to be her best friend. Or just want to get in her pants.
Does he have a job.
Were will their income be.
Were will they live.
What if she gets pregnant.
If she can’t find work, will he work.
What if she wants to go to college.
Is He in college.

Everything. They need to think it through. And if they are really in love, then they can wait.

no I find this totally wrong,
I also know someone in the same position.
He’s 19, which makes this illegal.
and why cant he find a girl with a bettery maturity level and
someone around his own age. Theres something wrong there.
Not saying your friends immature, just not as mature as she’ll be when shes closer to his age.

:/ I would be royally ticked if that was my daughter. Plus, if they do anything, that is totally illegal. She should not move in with him. This sounds like such a horror story waiting to happen! Some boys will say anything to get a girl into their bed.

no way that is not okay. And they cant get married cause shes 13 for heavens sake, i really dont think its a good idea and neither will her family. And she will get in a LOT of trouble cause her parents might call teh cops and arrest both of them cause if she moves in with him that is considering “running away” which is illegal.



In 7 years?


Well, it depends on the reason behind the boy’s motives. He might be taking advantage of the fact she is younger and possibly naive. I personally think this is a bad idea, warn her off him, she’ll probably end up hurt ;S!!!

NO NO NO NO! tottaly not okay! Isnt it not legal that a 13 year old gets married anyway?

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