If you turn off cellular data, will you still be using data when playing on an app?

With cellular data off, will you still be using data if you play on a game app?

No, not at all. The cell companies provide that as a money-saving tip. Turn off cell and connect via WiFi.

plane mode desables all connections u might have so which you cant use internet ,so definite it won’t waste documents (as in case you’re in an plane the place your no longer allowed to apply connections because of the fact it interfers with the airplanesflight). additionally, some apps inform you like pandora that tiwill use numerous documents.oftentimes you purely could undertaking approximately aps which require streaming or stay updates like internet radio and a few geames with stay chief boards. in case you have like a 1gb plan you could lewave maximum video games which required internet working eg. spmething with leaderboards with no longer plenty documents. back often the only apps which soak up numerous documents are documents streaming aps.

Actually its called mobile data, but some apps require some type of internet connection, jus use wi-fi..



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