How do you wash a sparkly shirt without having all the sparkles come off in the wash?

I had a sparkly shirt once and after a few washes, there were no more sparkles. We’re the type of family that puts our clothes in the washer, then in the dryer–no fancy way to wash clothes and not always following the label.

Well, I just bought a new shirt with a fancy design, but the design is all done in…

Turn the shirt inside out before you put it into your washer
if you want to be super safe about it, just hand-wash it.

The safest way is to wash it by hand then hang-dry it. No matter what you do, inside out, gentle cycle, or in garment bag, those glued on “stuff” will come off either all at once or in few washes if you machine wash it and machine dry it. There is no other way.

Handwash it in the sink w/ warm water, then hang to dry. Just be gentle around the sparkles. 😛 <3

Turn the shirt inside out before you throw it in the wash
Hope that helps! ^^

turn your shirt inside out when you wash it and dont stick it in the dryer.
let it air dry!

I would dry clean it, or wash gently in cold water

turn it inside out and put it on a the gentle cycle

Like most people have said:
It really does work

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