Harry Potter Fans and Ask Snapers! Answer please!! :D?

Okay, well, indeed I am rather confused.

Why are there suddenly a load of Imposters on here? Lily?.. You’re dead. As are you, Bellatrix. Potter? Surely you have better ways to spend your time than using this Muggle contraption, as does Miss Weasley. And shouldn’t you be off looking for Lokawoodles or…

Well, after killing Voldemort, the sudden rush of fame enveloped me. I became to face of nearly ever wizarding company in the world. However, after three years of touring Europe, America and Asia, giving speeches, lectures, endorsement, ect., I gave up. I faked my own death and ran away in the English countryside. Insecure, I gained 450 kilos and had a sex change. I then joined the Holyhead Harpies and had a lesbian relationship with Ginny Weasly. However, after I found Ginny sleeping with the captain, I quit the team and returned to a small welsh village. It was there that I learned how to operate these contraptions, and I got addicted to them and LSD. In one out of body experience, I accidentally revealed myself to be Harry Potter to the entire town of Lyanrtiswrtqertoryht, Wales. After this, I accidentially ran into the ghost of Severus Snape. However, due to the overdose I had taken of LSD, I became unconscious. I woke up in Saint Mungo’s, male, and 450Kilos lighter. I was told I had wandered into the Harry Potter Han Club – Wales building yelling “I’m Harry Potter, I’m Harry Potter!”. After reverting me to my original state, Mungo’s handed me over to my agent, who kept me in a small box for 2 years. I broke free again, resumed my relationship with Ginny, and had three children. I then worked out a deal with my agent stating I can live on my own if part of everything I say is a product pitch. By Gumbo’s Candy, it does wonders for the soul. Only 10 sickles for a box of chocolate frogs! The Chosen One Knows Best!

Edit: POLL: My father, obviously. And its my Birthday! Yay! Get me a Present, everyone (Send me an email present)!
[email protected]!

You, Professor. But with all due respect, sir, shouldn’t you be dead also? Anyway, I am a pureblood witch that came across a laptop at a muggle coffee shop (Starbucks, I think. I love their carmel latte.) I took an interest to it until one of the muggles took it away. I got it back though….(Accio laptop!) I hope that answers your question.

Snape, I believe YOU are dead also. Remember, Voldemort killed you to gain possesion of the Elder Wand. I have nothing against you, but you are being a filthy hypocrite. It’s like you’re muggleborn. You’re acting just like a mudblood. Although, you are much better than James. The Potters are just so annoying. Books written after them, it’s oh so horrible.

What do you think? Of course, this is all a hype over the new movie! It’s interesting though, and great to see how people portray the characters. Aren’t you glad Lily’s alive?

Poll: You of course! James could be an arrogant prat at times.

xxxGood Luckxxx

I pick…….. Draco =D he’s hawtttt
And yes, SNAPE over James, I mean you get an entire book in your name, (Half Blood Prince) 🙂
Plus one of my best friends is in love with you =O
And… I think you’d be in favour of Lily appearing on Y!A…….speaking of which, aren’t you dead as well..? Murdered by the Dark Lord ='( I cried at the book when you died =[
WHY is Voldemort on this site though…Infested with Muggles =P I detect an evil plan…..

[This is directed at Voldemort, is that a funny image..?]
Haha, I love HP fans =]]

Professor Snape,

Why do you speak of imposter? Aren’t you supposed to be dead, Professor?

I, Samantha, am a faithful Death Eater and still worship the Dark Lord and I know he trusted you so, and I will always choose you in a poll, unless it is with the Dark Lord then I shall not know where I will stand.

I hope that helps, Professor. 🙂

I am here as the Ministry asked that a representative was present on the site, to moniter it.

And we all like a bit of Snape 😉

Vell while Bill ees at vork, Victorie with Teddy, and Dominique at ‘Ogwarts with Louis, what eelse do I really ‘ave to do?

Aas for zee poll, zoo not ask eempossible queestion, Severus!

Aw, professor… Yes, it’s very flattering! Wish you showed it to Miss Evans all those years ago..! You might have got to live happily ever after….. But then again if u did, u wouldn’t have been available for all your fans now! Sigh..!

Looking for Potter to see what hes up to.

why the hell is my mother on here.
Ill just be going to set my profile on private…:S

And as for potter…well i always knew he was a girl.
Wonder were wealsey is?
Maybe he hasnt caught up with the wizardry world

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