Your bold predictions for this NFL season?

List 3 of your bold predictions


1. None of the teams in the AFC South will finish below .500
2. Knowshon Moreno rushes for 1700 yards and at least 15 tounchdowns
3. Seatlle Seahawks will be led to the NFC championship game by Matt Hassleback

My bold predictions are….

1.) Purple will take over Miami and the Ravens and Vikings will play one of the ultimate battles of the decade in the Super Bowl. As well as have at least 4 players or more in the Pro Bowl each making them both have the most players from their teams in the Pro Bowl this season….

2.) The Colts will go 11-5 this season finally ending their 12+ wins a season streak….

3.) And the 49ers will win the NFC West and win their first playoff game only to get eliminated in the 2nd round.

And those are my 3 bold predictions. I would’ve put more, but I decide to respect you question and only put 3.

1. Brett Favre and Adrien Peterson will lead the Viking to at least the NFC Championship game, if not the Super Bowl.
2. The Broncos will go 8-8 because Kyle Orton sucks, but Knowshon Moreno will rush for 1400 yards and 16 touchdowns.
3. Finally, the Steelers will go back to the Super Bowl, but lose the the NFC team.

1. Ryan Grant runs for 1500+ yards and 14 TDs.
2. Kyle Orton throws for 3500+ yards and 26 TDs.
3. Terrell Owens has less than 1000 yards and 7 TDs.

I actually agree with all of them except for #2 and #5. The Panthers will once again miss the playoffs. I see the Saints taking the division with the Falcons as the wildcard team (the other wildcard goes to the Chicago Bears). And I also believe that the Steelers win their division with a 12-4 record, but, as usual, they barely take it from the Ravens. Everything else I can agree with.

1. Shaun Hill throws 20+ touchdowns, half of it to Vernon Davis.
2. The Raiders will go at least 10-6.
3. Kurt Warner is actually the second coming of Christ and wins a Superbowl for Arizona this year.

1 None of the NFC east Teams finish Below 500

2 Favre will have a 30 Touchdown season

3 Chicago Bears make it to the Super Bowl thanks to Jay Cutler

1. The Lions will win a game
2. The Buffalo Bills will make the playoffs
3. Tom Brady will not be the superstar quarterback he was b4 the injury

1) Eli Manning wins the MVP

2) The Lions win a game or two…

3) The Vikings will make a run at a perfect season…

1. The Raiders will finally beat SD
2. Dick Juron and Marvin Lewis will both lose their jobs
3. Tom Brady wins comeback player of the year award

Broncos win the afc west division

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