Why not make illegal immigration a serious crime?

I mean lets say if we would put every illegal we catch for 1 year into jail (Before we deport him back) and punish a second attempt with 10 Years prison.
Wouldn´t this stop a lot of illegals in the long run?

Why not make HIRING an illegal immigrant a serious crime? People will quit sneaking across the border and overstaying visas when US employers quit hiring them. Imposing big fines on employers would actually generate revenue instead of spending money we don’t have on prisons that only benefit the corporations contracted to provide services.

EDIT: @Brother: The belief that replacing cheaper illegal labor with legal workers paid a living wage would drive up prices is not supported by data which show, for example, that only 6 cents out of every dollar paid for a head of lettuce goes in the pocket of the worker who picked it. Likewise, use of illegal immigrant workers for putting up drywall and other construction jobs knocks only about $3,000 off the price of a $200,000 house. Every penny counts, some say? Well, that’s true. Now let’s factor in the public services costs of families headed by illegal immigrants, who get hundreds of dollars a month in food stamps, cash aid, and other benefits for their US-born children because low-wage illegal labor in this country is mostly of child-bearing age and comes from countries where people tend to have more children. In stable, prosperous countries like Norway, prices are high, but adult workers earn a ,living wage. There is little abject poverty and the social problems caused by extreme income gaps. People have few children and raise them well. As you come from that part of the world, you’re surely aware of the significant socioeconomic differences between the US and Europe’s most stable, prosperous countries. Our northern neighbor Canada has very few illegal immigrants. They manage to staff their restaurants, hotels, landscaping companies, and meat processing plants with lawful workers, yet prices of goods and services there are comparable to ours. Canada’s successful agricultural guest worker program is a model we should follow.

Entry without inspection and most other immigration violations are already felony crimes. They deport in lieu of prison sentence, but if they return while under bar to reentry are subject to 20 years in prison before deportation and permanent bar to reentry.

There is not enough jail & prison space in the US to hold all the millions of illegal aliens, even for one year prior to deportation. Besides, the costs of imprisoning all of them would bankrupt the citizens. Better to boot them out fast – and to catch more of them as they sneak in. And since the law allows for confiscation of their money & other assets to repay the costs of their arrest, detention & deportation, this provision in the law should be utilized more frequently and pursued more aggressively.

It would have 2 effects, both negative:

1) It would slow down illegal immigration a lot, which means Corporate America would have to pay a lot more for legal workers, so the prices would go up.

2) It would cost us about $25,000 per illegal immigrant per year to lock them up. Yet, we don’t have any money. How would we pay for that? Every student has to pay $500 per year per school? Higher taxes for everybody? Put another dollar tax on every gallon of gas consumed? Lay off postal workers, firemen, border patrol agents?

It would much cheaper to just remove the incentives, strengthen the borders and crack down on employers who hire illegals, landlords who rent to illegals and the so called “sanctuary cities” who encourage this kind of behavior.

You know, my ancestors got on a boat in Ireland that landed in New York, and they got off the boat and got places to live and jobs to work at in New York City, where every generation of my family has lived since. They never had to apply for a visa or get on a waiting list before they got on that boat in Ireland. They just got boat tickets, walked into New York City, and started living their lives as functioning members of society.

I don’t know why people feel the need to demonize people who’d like to do the same thing today that my ancestors did 160 years ago. It’s not like the U.S. is full up with no more space for people — drive pretty much any interstate, and once you get more than 50 miles outside of a big city you’ll see wide open spaces for miles and miles that are just being wasted.

Because then the Government would actually have to do something about illegal immigration.

It should be but it should also be a felony to hire or rent to an illegal.If we would take away all incentives for them to come here they wouldn’t come.

It should be http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/30/irs-lo…

I agree with you. Harsher punishment.

i agree the crime should become a felony

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