Why is my ex being so mean? (BEST ANSWER GETS 10 PTS)?

HE broke up with ME a month ago. we dated for a year. He was “too busy” and he felt he had “couldn’t grow anymore in our relationship” I told him I wanted to be friends and he was nice for like the first 2-3 weeks after the break up. This past weekend I took really pretty pictures with…

The problem is he is still in Love with you. Does he have a friend that doesn’t like you, if so then the friend probably gave him some information that wasn’t true but made him feel like he had to break up with you to keep the respect of his friends. This guy more than likely told your ex and his group of friends that he saw you with another man and the friend told him not to say that to you. So now your ex still loves you but had to break up with you because of a lie and peer pressure. Since he loves you he can not stand to see you with another guy so he is trying to be mean to you so you will be mean to him which will make him feel better about the whole situation. You need to send him a text asking him if what I just said is true and if It is then tell him you were true to him and you two get back together.

Omg Girl Im going through the same thing except Im a guy. Diffrence is my girlfriend wanted to be friends after breaking up with me and is now acting distant and like a jerk everyday. I didnt do anything wrong and like u she said becuase she is busy and I deserve better. Now she is acting as if I broke up with her. Its like the opposite of a break up. I never did anything wrong to her. Always treated her right and now she backstabbed me. Man…When u think u meet a good person in life….I agree with u. If me and her were friends I could heal alot faster. When i texted her I was going to sleep and said goodnight she replied ok. Later I found out she didnt want to say good night becuase she thought it showed to much feelings. The most retarded thing I ever heard. GOODNIGHT EVERYONE=I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH!! HAHAHAH

in my years of experience, I am convinced that you cannot be friends with your ex boyfriend or your ex girlfriend. because there are so many angry feelings between the 2 people because there obviously had to be some problem or you wouldn’t have broken up in the first place. if you try to maintain some kind of friendship after being in a love relationship, it’s not going to work! the best thing to do is close the book. go get a new book.

You guys just broke up. Give him some space he probably feelS like you will never leave him alone. You need to fnd a new guy. Inviting him to your party, and to study, is not the way you will do it. Of course you two can be friends in the future but right now lay off already.

Sorry if you ddn’t like my answer, but put yourself in his shoes.-
Haven’t you ever been the one to initiate a braek up with someone before?

It is difficult to get on with your life as it is -and you are not making it any easier for him to move on. He sounds like he is trying not to hurt you but you wont leave him alone.

I had the same problem I broke up with my boyfriend because he was a jerk he was not nice to me he didn’t care about me at all until we were txting then he would be nice so i broke up with him. And he has been a jerk ever since he doesn’t talk to me or even look at me when i txted him one time trying to talk to him he just never answered me. So I realized that I didn’t need to be friends with him to be happy i have my friends which i love and my family i don’t need him. And i felt so much better. I know it will hurt for a wile but you need to realize that you don’t need him to be happy. You come first! hope that helped 😀

appears like she’s only a pissy little ***** to be trustworthy. i’m sorry, yet that is my opinion… you want to easily make sparkling to her that you wern’t the single which sought her out this time and that you under no circumstances requested to get again consisting of her, so there is not any clarification for her to be so worked up over a courting that in uncomplicated terms went on for 3 weeks and ended MONTHS in the past. searching on how worked up she is and if she’s slandering your call to human beings, you may want to prefer to concider doing this in frount of a collection of human beings (& not merely those who’re one among your human beings or the different) merely to make it so your part of the tale is available and so that you may make your factor sparkling to not in uncomplicated terms her, yet all and sundry else so she’ll finally go away you on my own, because it style of sounds like you’ve been doing extra constructive earlier she got here again into your life.

He’s probably jealous now maybe some guys at school are talking about you and saying “oh she’s hot” maybe you got some pretty nice comments from guys on the pictures so it made him realize what he lost…guys PMS and b*tch too

Maybe he wants to try to get over u so the best way is to be a jerk to you. I did this once, but realized what i did and later said i was sorry. We are friends anymore, but there isnt a tension between us.

I went through this. Except we didn’t date, it was a friends with benefits type thing. Face to face he would joke and be nice, then when I texted him he’d act like a straight ***** and say things like “why are you talking to me?” Honestly, I’m not even sure. This a boys mind. I can say that he’s mad but puts his anger on you like it’s your fault that you’re pretty and happy. Like he wants you to be sad or something.

But my answer is that he’s mad, but putting his anger on you besides himself.

Don’t even try to analyze it girl, it sounds like he’s got some issues of his own going on. You may never know the reason. You’re better off without him.

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