Why do some Christians ignore parts of the Bible?

Why can’t they just admit they’re picking and choosing what to follow

They talk about how they’re against gay marriage and abortion rights because the Bible says so,but they ignore that part of the Bible where it was okay for a family sell their young daughters into slavery.

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Seriously though, you can’t really expect Christians to act the way they did a thousand (or however many) years ago. So much has changed as far as what is accepted culturally. They can hang on to parts of it (as far as gay marriage and abortion are concerned), but stoning and whatnot would never be accepted in western society.

That being said, young girls are still sold as slaves. I don’t see many Christians (or any other religious group) trying to justify it, but it still happens. And, unfortunately, it will probably happen for many years to come.

This is a large subject, so this is a large answer. The Bible at Second Timothy 3:16,17 states that all scripture is inspired of God and beneficial. So the entire Bible is worth our study and time.

We cannot cherry pick the Bible and use parts of it to justify our view.
Both you and the people you castigate are doing that.

The Mosaic Law was a law given by God to Moses and it contains many of the laws you mentioned. As with all things let me give you come context based on the Bible.

First of all this is a highly complex subject so I am by necessity summarizing. It would be far better if you were to study the entire Bible yourself first so that you could understand the basics before you do what is essentially a legal analysis. But anyway,let’s go.

Slavery was an acceptable practice in Israel. It’s sole function was to pay off debts. There were extensive laws that protected the slave or servant from mistreatment, that gave the terms of his voluntary servitude ( they always had a choice) and provided for his eventual release. As you can imagine a people who were obligated by the solemn promise they made at Mt. Sinai to obey God and his Law would work hard to imitate the God they worshiped. Any Israelite who was forced by economic hardship to offer himself or his child into slavery would thus have a good working environment, well provided for and protected. This is made evident by the provision were a slave could choose to remain a permanent part of the household, giving up his rights to be released.

One further fact, the Israelites were grouped into tribes and families with permanent land inheritances. So if you were to go into slavery you would not be sent to Egypt or Babylon you would basically be serving in the neighborhood, close to your friends and families.

Now lets move on to stoning. God has a right to execute judgments on those who violate his law. There were no surprises in Israel. The Law was read regularly, there were priests and Levites available to explain parts of the Law, and learned men to give guidance. Therefore if someone violated the law they had no excuse.

Now God gave the community of Israelites a chance to show that they upheld the law. Some violations, like those you mentioned (even though it was not disobedient children, but rebellious ones who refused to change) called for the community to respond.
The mixing of fabrics was designed to show that the Israelites were a pure people who lived separate from the godless nations around them.
Unlike today, mixing two fibers would take effort and planning, so this was an easy law to follow.

Now why do Christians today not follow the Law? Well Jesus as the scriptures say, “fulfilled it”, or made it obsolete.
But it does not mean that it is worthless. Throughout we can find insight into how God feels about us and about our actions.
While we do not rigidly follow the law – for instance the Christian congregation under inspiration chose not to require circumcision- we can use the Principles found therein to make choices and decisions.

I hope this helps and again send me a note if you would like to know more.

Hi Dora,
I agree that too many Christians nit-pick about what they want to believe in the Bible. Unfortunately, we live in a day & age where people believe that Truth is relative, not truth. So they pick out the parts that they want to believe is true, and the parts that they cant or don’t want to follow, they pass off as irrelevant for today, or just parts not to follow and think such is ok to do.

But truth is truth, and to say that something is not true is to say that there must be something that is.

As for following all those laws you mentioned, God gave the law as a means of bringing up the Israelites as noticeably different from their surrounding nations. He was (and still is) serious about holiness, purity, and only worshiping Him. The Apostle Paul said that the Law was meant as a “Nanny”…it brought them up and prepared them for the coming of Christ.

We Christians don’t follow those laws because Jesus fulfilled them. Now, we obtain our holiness through following and obeying God through Jesus Christ. But though the rules may seem to have changed, we’re still called to be holy, pure, and to worship only the Lord…just now it’s through faith and a relationship with Christ, and guidance by the Holy Spirit…not by following rules. And yes, unfortunately, too many “Christians” continue to choose what part of the faith to live up to, which is not how it works.

Not everyone who has a list of rules or guidelines to go by follows it to the letter. Whether it’s a standard operating procedure, or the Bible. Some do, you know the term “by the book” Others find the rules that suit them best.

they dont ignore it . they just rebuke it . Few Christians are worthy of God. the rest are Christains. but dont forget Jesus himself warned of the people that will come in his name and do evil .

2nd John !
7For many deceivers have gone out into the world. They refuse to acknowledge Jesus the Messiah as having become human. Any such person is a deceiver and an antichrist. 8See[j] to it that you[k] don’t destroy what we have[l] worked for, but that you[m] receive your[n] full reward. 9Everyone who does not remain true to the teaching of the Messiah, but goes beyond it, does not have God. The person who remains true to the teaching of the Messiah has both the Father and the Son. 10If anyone comes to you[o] but does not present his teachings,[p] do not receive[q] him into your house or even welcome[r] him, 11because the one who welcomes him shares in his evil deeds.

Hypocrisy runs ramped in all religions – not just Christianity. But I feel people are finally starting to question what they’ve been taught is “truth” and are discovering their own truths about God with less contradiction and more love.

No matter our opinion of religious people, we need to be kind and accepting because when we judge and criticize, we behave exactly like them.

Jeez, I don’t care if people pick and choose because EVERYONE does it. I only care when people criticize other people for not following the bible entirely, when they do it themselves. It’s hypocritical. I 100% agree.

With respect.

There are bits that their leaders would prefer they not to read. I’d mention a simple one but I’ve been reported for daring to point it out. & Here comes the Thumbs Downers for daring to refer to that.

Merry xmass, yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Omisoka,Litha, Samradh, Alban Hefin, Aerra Litha, Mother Night, or just plain happy holidays to All.


The first answer said it perfectly. I don’t know why atheists ask these questions when they are just going to deny any answer that doesn’t some way attempt to discredit what Christians believe. You ask for it and she gave it to you. All those things you mention are of the old covenant. Case closed.

The Bible is an outdated guide to life just like the Pslams and Torah.
The Quran is the last updated guide to life tht also confirms reveltions of the past from the other three books. So whatever you read about the Bible may not be relevant to the present world and i guess thts why ppl ignore those parts.

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