Why do Hillary Clinton supporters say they’ll vote for John McCain if Obama wins the democratic nomination?

This is not meant to be a nasty question. I’m merely curious. If you look at John McCain’s stances on many issues(GI Bill, Healthcare etc) they are VERY diffrent canadiates. I could see voting independent because it’s a little closer but I don’t understand why you would vote for someone who has a…

I agree. There’s so much bitterness over the infighting within the party that people have lost sight of what’s really important–the issues. They’ve gotten away from voting for the issues they really supported Hillary for in the first place to voting for someone who’s on the opposite side, just out of spite. They forget that on the real issues, Hillary and Obama are not really that far apart.

[email protected] Billy saying that your polls are wrong when he obviously falls in line with it. That’s why there is a one-sidedness in the party. Clearly there is a mental lapse some where. I really can’t wait until Obama and McCain debate. Maybe they will realize they are making a huge mistake. I think the sharp divide between voters became more prominent when the two candidates tried to differentiate themselves more than they had been differentiated. The lope sidedness of it comes more from Hillary’s fairly consistent praises of McCain and extremely consistent trashings of Obama. So far, it’s almost fair to say, “Supporter like candidate.”

Because Hillary’s viewpoint or at l;east the viewpoints of her supporters are too different from those of the ultra leftist socialist, mant-America Obama.
Hillary’s supporters would sooner see a true patriot like McCain, even if they do not agree with him on everything, in office rather than someone like Obama and his leftists.
When push comes to shove Hillary’s supporters are Americans and will do what is best for America.
Their loyalty is to this country not to a political party.

Because they value experience and are afraid of the potential consequences of a President who lacks it.

I consider myself a policy wonk, have always been a policy voter, am a Hillary supporter, acknowledge that Obama’s policy positions are very similar and still will not be able to vote for Obama in November.

Because thats what we are going to do. Actually O has none of my views and I don’t like where he has been for 20 years . He has way to many red flags for me. If Hillary runs independant I will vote for her, if not McCain would be the SAFER choice.

I don’t think they really will. At the end of the day they won’t vote or they will vote Democratic.

It’s prob more spin by politicos then reality.

I can’t see anyone that endorses Hillary EVER voting for a Republican.

If there is it would be such a small number that it would be imperceptible and would change nothing.

Well truthful i’m sure you recall they have a problem with the fact
He does not salute the flag or wear the flag pin,These were issues why they were not supporting him in the first place besides his socialist ties.He is simply way to far left.

McCain is more centered than the far leftist, and socialist Obama

Obama is just too much superficiality, and he had a poor performance during his little time in the senate

I think they feel she was mistreated by her own party — therefore they will refuse to support the party that mistreated her.

ANYTHING to keep Obama out of the White House. Obama is a dangerous man, considering his stances on our military and foreign relations.

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