Which is more respectable – ford mustang?

I have a 1999 Ford v6 mustang and my friend has a 2001 gt mustang. We are very competative and both have kinda showy 20″ wheels. His car is basically stock besides the wheels and he put on flowmaster exhaust but no power additives. My car was recently lowered into a drag stance and now when I turn sharp my…

I have a 91 GT. I don’t get into “showy” at all. I am not saying there is anything wrong with customizing the appearance of your car. What matters in the end is that your happy with it. But IMHO we are talking about muscle cars here and when it comes to Ford Mustangs, I say keep it conservative in regard to looks.

I would take a simple looking Mustang with real performance mods done to the suspension, steering, drivetrain, engine, etc. before I’d ever consider a showy car with 20″ wheels.

Besides, I have never liked a tire with too little rubber on the sidewall. I think it makes the car look tougher if at least the rear tires have more sidewall. It gives it that “staggered” stance which looks aggressive.

In your case, if your competitive with your friend and really want to out perform him I would start with the suspension. It makes no difference how much more power he makes over yours if he can’t get it to the ground.

You already lowered the car, so I would upgrade your suspenion and then save up enough money to get rear end gears. If you have an automatic transmission I would get 410 gears. If you have manual I would get 355’s or 373’s depending on what your willing to accept and what your first gear ratio is in the transmission.

I have 410’s with my 5 speed and it makes 1st gear a little too short, but one thing is for sure it will get up and fly.

A V6 may be slightly cheaper to run/own but you can’t mod it for [email protected]^&. A GT is better but will probably cost more in gas and insurance

either way since you’re not even 21 your gonna pay through the nose no matter
(even on your parents insurance)

If you’re putting 20 in wheels on a Mustang then you’ve already pretty much lost any amount of respectability you may have previously had.

I wouldn’t respect either V6 because they are popular with secretaries and librarians and other girls.

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