Where do scientists believe life originated?

Where do scientists believe life originated?

Some “scientists” believe that life originated through a process called abiogenesis. That’s a big word for a bunch of soup splattered in a certain way to form a cell that is more complex than a PC.

the origin of life is known as abiogeneis, that is the evolution of organic chemistry (carbon containing) into simple biological systems. the “ingredients” for life exist in abundance; carbon, oxygen, nitrogen etc, there is nothing special or rare about these. and under certain conditions they will spontaneously form more complex molecules, for example experiments were done putting a “soup” of chemicals under certain conditions and coming back 3 months later, only to find that one of the base pairs of DNA had formed. this is not a question of belief. this is what the scientific evidence says. once this process (we’re still a little fuzzy on the details but scientists, are working on it) has progressed to the point where you have self replicating molecules, now you’re really on the fast track because now something analogous to true evolution can take off. probably not DNA it’s too complex, but RNA is a serious candidate, it’s simpler than DNA, and it has the added function in that it can both code for proteins and act as an enzyme. cell membranes are not difficult, lots of molecules spontaneously arrange a certain way in the presence of water, and a molecule like RNA that found itself inside this proto cell would be a “survival” advantage. is it so hard to imagine something going from that state to perhaps something similar to a modern day virus?

There is no consensus on that question. Some believe life did not originate on this planet, so we might not even have the basis of reference to answer the question accurately. But of the most popular ideas is the idea of amino acid recombination through abiogenetic processes. The idea starts with the creation of amino acids by electrical current running through salt water, as shown by the Miller-Urey experiment. After that point, the amino acids fused with other molecules, eventually leading to the development of basic DNA (I am not a geneticist, so I don’t know what type of reaction is required for DNA to be created), which allowed free form, carbon-based single celled organisms to come into existence. Everything from there on is millions or billions of years of genetic mutation and natural selection.

The only evidence of where life started is that there is life on Earth. But it could have started here, or it could have started anywhere else and then came here. If it came here from elsewhere. it was very primitive and then evolved into the forms we have now.
It’s pretty hard to draw an absolute conclusion from that except for that it must have started somewhere, and good scientists don’t “believe” things without good evidence usually.

This article (from a peer-review journal) suggests thermal vents in the ocean. No soup, no lightning, that’s just stupid.

But right now there just isn’t enough information to make a definitive statement.

Most of them believe it originated on Earth.

Chemicals in the air made very complex chemical reactions, which fell into the newly formed water and became life, as I understand it.

The ocean (or at least in water), because all living organisms contain a huge percentage of it and it’s usually fairly salty.

Why don’t you ask a scientist? IJR is not a scientist, so he wouldn’t know.

Wrong section. Ask in Science if you’re looking for an answer and take a class if you’re REALLY looking for an answer (which, by the way, is what I intend to do)

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