What was your first loves zodiac sign?

What was your first love’s zodiac sign?
What is your sign?
What was the connection like?

I am an Aquarius and my first love was a Gemini. The relationship was so different than most relationships I have observed, and reading about the way Aquarians and Gems generally connect made me really curious about…

I was blessed to have an aquarius as my first love. He was totally my best friend and soulmate combined… but we were both too young to realize the good thing that we had and so we let it slip away. Definitely a strong connection though, we could talk about just about anything for hours. The sex was awesome (but what HS relationship doesn’t include awesome sex?) I was devestated when it ended…
Thankfully a Pisces was there to pick up the peices of my broken heart and with his virgo moon, he carefully mended them back together.

My first love was a Sagittarius, I accidentally fell in love with her. There was a time where we were very close friends. The thing about this girl was that she was basically the girl that guys wanted by couldn’t have. She was beautiful, and my school was a small school. She always gave mixed signals to the guys, there for the moment that we started to clique I told myself don’t you ever fall in love with this girl. I even told her to not worry about me trying to get with her because almost every guy in class was hitting on her. I found her interesting as a person because she acted mature. She told me things that she didn’t say to anyone, I was happy that she trusted me. Everything went downhill when I moved, we talked for the first 4 months but after that we just lost contact. I found out I fell for her because I missed her way more then my other friends, I also noticed that I love all her characteristics which is something I’ve never felt for anyone.

I’m a Gemini =)

I am a Gemini and my first love was a Pisces. He was extremely emotional and I’m not emotional at all so it was very draining. I couldn’t rationalize him at all because of his emotions and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I dated him for a year and a half and the breakup was very hard because he was also very clingy and would follow me around and get on his knees in front of me and beg me. I loved him but I thought I was going to go insane if I had to keep being with him. Turns out Gemini and Pisces are complete opposites, and that we were. I do much better with Aquarius and I love my Libras…my whole family are air signs oddly enough, and my first love had all water signs. Talk about opposite.

I am a Scorpio and my first love was a Pisces. Would have been amazing and perfect if he didn’t cheat on me. he wanted sex and I wasn’t ready, but I don’t think that has anything to do with our signs, and more to do with his uncontrollable teenage hormones

He was a Capricorn and I’m a Leo.
Our connection: I shared chemistry with him that I’ve never experienced with anyone else. We got along well with each other.

He was a Sagittarius. I am an Aries. Hell, 90% of the guys I fall for are Sags.

my first love was a cancer. she was beautiful, smart, a smart blonde. she had bright blue eyes that i got lost in. to this day i still fall in love with bright eyes. but because i love eye contact. hazel bright green eyes. so its a little intimidating sometimes when i look at people. it throws me off when i get lost in bright eyes. brown eyes puzzle me.
i am aquarius, we dated when she was 13 me 12. close friends, childhood best friend. we still talk

Aquarius (dating him right now).
The connection is amazing. We get along really well.

He was a sagittarius , I am a leo. It was scary 😐 seriously I never felt like that towards anyone in my life…it was beyond physical and mental attraction

I fell in love with an aquarius in 6th grade :p turns out he was an a$$ hole so i cursed him out. after that it was a scorpio, then libra.
im in 9th grade..

1) Aquarius
2) Aries
3) I thought he was cute/hot and really “cool” and detatched

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