Since when did liberalism = communism?

Seriously it’s getting ridiculous now; So many americans are paranoid that if Obama wins the election, then he’ll try his best to ‘socialize’ America.

Now I personally disagree with communism. I also disagree with huge disparities of basic wealth and amenities in society (people should always have access to…

I think people should take a political ideology class before being able to talk about cetain subject matter.

Socialism is an economic sytem, like capitialism. These two sytems of resource management can be likened to two different poles of a spectrum, although the world currently does not contain a pure example of either.

Communism which is actually a word that is usually substitued for a bastardized form of Marxism is a form of government and cannot be compared to capitilism. it is likewise a pole on a spectrum with pure democracy on the other pole.

As far as economics we live in the middle. We are primarily capitalist with some heavy socialist controls.

What some people argue is that those controls need to be a little stiffer. They argue that the rich should not be allowed to stand on the backs of the poor with no consequences. They argue that laissez-faire capitalism or capitalism with little regulation is proven to be non-functional. It is a system that has shown only its ability to redistribute wealth at the top end. Like modern day America.

We can stiffen up our controls over our capitalist markets without turning into Carl Marx. We need to do this or we are going to continue the the current form of wealth redistribution that is; a poor person does a job he should be paid more for then the rich guy that isn’t paying him enough takes the difference and calls it profit.

This can be a great country again – we just have to WANT it. If you vote for same old you don’t want it.

This is a very old and tiresome trick of Republicans to tar and feather their opponents by making them sound scary. Back in the 1950s McCarthy did it, claiming there were Communists in the State Department, in the Army, even in Hollywood. He ruined the careers (and lives) of a lot of decent people before he was finally reined in. Some prominent Republicans got their start in politics riding his coat-tails, chief among them Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. They could effectively silence any critic by screaming “Commie” or “pinko” (the latter being a term to use when there was no evidence of anything resembling communicsm or socialism, so the opponent was merely sympathetic to those ideas, hence not a Red and therefore merely pink).

Well, the Cold War is theoretically over but ignorant people don’t realize it. Most of the western industrialized nations have a form of government that involves a mix of capitalism and socialism so that the worst excesses of both are avoided and the best features of both are used, with good success. But we remain far too hysterical here in the U.S. to do that!

No, Republicans would allow a Republican to go to (Red) China, but while they will force a rape victim to give birth to an unwanted child they’d rather die than help feed that child once its born. Ew! Ow! Heavens to Betsy! That’s socialism! They’ll demand the right to worship as they please and give you the same right — just so long as you worship as THEY please and don’t try to worship some other way because OOH! AGH! That’s Communism! (It’s not but who cares!)

And they’ll give subsidies and tax breaks and outright gifts to the rich right and left but wouldn’t give a poor person so much as the time of day because Pew! Stinko! Nasty! Ick! That’s Communism and Socialism and the Sky is Falling!

Well there you have it! It’s the new McCarthyism right on your television set. McCain is McCarthy reborn in all his ugliness, meannes, hypocrisy, and greed. And I’ll bet you $100 I get deleted for saying so.

Bill Clinton was very conservative on economic issues. Obama its simple he ran hard hard left to win the dem nomination , now is claiming to be more centrist.Its just not beleiveable.

Liberalism = communism because it wants/thinks the government should control many if not all the aspects of how the country gets run.

Not to mention that the Tax systems is used to engineer society and not to collect revenue which is supposed to be its purpose

Why isn’t food or a place to live or cloths a basic human right then? All these are more important then health care or an education.

Not to state the obvious but democratic socialism is a LOOONG way from communism.

Most of the countries in Europe have democratic socialist forms of government… the Soviet Union… with ALL industry nationalized and dissenters sent to Siberian gulags…. that’s communism.

The United States is ALREADY a socialist democracy… has been since the 1930’s roughly and no one ever talks about it until election season when all of the Conservatives like to pretend we are PURELY a free market capitalist democracy… which just happens to have dozens of federally funded social welfare programs.

Please explain what Obama is going to do, then how that is not socialism. What is wealth distribution? What is free health care? I am not against socialism, in other countries, but America is the home of opportunities. You must work hard, and you CAN be ANYTHING! I worked to where I am. I got pregnant when I was 17, moved out on my own, while finishing high school and working a FULL TIME JOB, got out loans to go to college, and am now a special education teacher. I never, accepted government care, even though I qualified! I did not want government aid, because in America, you can be ANYTHING. I am the American dream. I now have a beautiful 8 year old, and am getting married in a month.

slightly left of center? You have failed majorly at understanding where we are currently positioned in this country. When you look at the amount of ownership the government has and the amount of entitlement programs and government control, we are already left of center. So having ideas that want to take us much further left does indeed make one on the left extreme of the scale. If Obama had his way based on the plans he had, the government would now control over 80% of the economic generators of the country. That means that 80% of the wealth generated has to flow through the government in some form whether directly or through some means of regulation and control. If that isn’t on the pay to China I don’t know what is. If anything, China now implements more aspects of Capitalism that we do.. at least in terms of business operation. Also, the far right isn’t Theocracy. The far right is zero government.. anarchy.

The term, “liberal,” has lost some of its burn because we liberals have stopped running from it. I, for one, never did run from it. I am a Liberal and proud of it. Liberalism is now regarded by many as the gate keeper to our Constitution. (Though I’m sure Conservatives would disagree with that notion). Since it is okay to be a Liberal, the GOP must redefine what “liberal” means. In comes terms like “Socialist and Communist.” Those two words are NOT synonymous, by the way, and when people intermingle the words it shows they do not truly understand what each word means.

The GOP is partaking in a sort of “gorilla warfare”; they keep throwing names at Obama (and hope they stick) much like a gorilla throws his feces at passersby. LOL It isn’t working.

not total socialism, no. i’ve never believe that would come out of the Democrat Party.

but some of the programs and ideas Obama is talking about really is socialism in its own way. he wants to control, not necessarily take over, healthcare through the government. he said he wants to have the same level healthcare US Senators get offered to every american if they so choose. i mean, if you don’t have to pay for it, who’ll continue to pay for their own healthcare? it’ll backfire on Obama, because everybody will just use this nice government healthcare and then taxes will skyrocket. literally. our government already spends more of its GDP on healthcare, and as you probably know, we have the highest GDP in the world. people should be getting jobs. if they get jobs, then they won’t need the government to provide healthcare (and welfare) to them.

he also proposes more taxes. now hear me out. i know Obama has claimed what he offers is a “tax break”. but who is he offering this break to? 95% of working class families. but what nobody realizes is that the top 5% pays for over HALF of the tax revenue. higher taxes for them and lower taxes for the middle class just means that the burden is shifted even more than it already is onto the rich.

it’s not like republicans steal from the poor and give it all to the rich. it’s really the other way around. but it has to be. the only thing is that democrats propose everybody gets an “equal share” of the cut. that’s where it starts sounding like communism.

The people throwing around these juvenile buzz words like “terrorist” and “communist” are just very poorly educated people who have probably never looked up a word in a dictionary in their entire lives. They are ignorant and have the mentality of snails (well, maybe that’s not fair to snails), otherwise they’d be voting for Obama, let’s face it. A vote for McCain is a vote for …. Joe the Plumber?

It’s a trickle down; the corporations buy the government, the government buys a few O’Reillys, Coulters, Hannitys and they find something to hate. Any body who doesn’t glom as many bucks as possible and take them off shore, is a threat.

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