Shouldn’t the Israelis use poison gas on the their Palestinian enemies in Gaza and so find a final solution…?

…To the problem of rockets fired into the lands that they occupy?
If they did would President Bush raise any objections? He doesn’t object to the ‘conventional’ slaughter that’s going on at the minute.

Yes, I see your point. In fact, if Israel fired a nuclear bomb and Gaza that accidentally killed Egyptians, Bush would still say “Israel has a right to defend itself”.

This so called “right to defend itself” seems to be a green-card for the right to “terrorize others”. If Someone steals your home, and they try and kill you. When the police come, doesn’t it make your blood boil when the burglar says “I was defending myself and my property”??

i can not have faith certainly everybody who has any human emotion or feeling could be did no longer be moved by ability of the plight of the paletinians – 860 ineffective over 3 hundred toddlers – many women human beings and finished households wiped out – 13 Israelis ineffective – ( 3 killed by ability of the Israelis themselves) interior the words of self sustaining help companies ‘ it incredibly is hell on earth’- i do no longer see any component interior the Israelis throwing leaflets and telling the palestinians worse is to return – frightening the hell out of an all allready terrified inhabitants, with nowhere to bypass, no electrical energy , no water , no nutrients and the possibility of poisonous bombs coming to kill them interior the concentration camp which Gaza has improve into- From what has occurred over the pst 60years – the palestinians have been abused , and degraded – it incredibly is astounding that a race which nonetheless hunts down Nazi perpetrators from the 2d international conflict thankfully dishes out that therapy to a diverse race, manipulating the media, refusing international newshounds and committing breaches of humanitarian regulation and the Geneva convention. The UN and international pink bypass are stressful self sustaining investigations into the atrocities happening – it incredibly is extremely no longer likely those will ever take place or justice be triumphant- the region seems hopeless –

I get what you’re trying to say and the nod to the past you’re making, but there are two fundamental things which you need to remember.

1) The Palestinians did fire rockets into Israel, starting a conflict
2) The Palestinians voted in Hamas who have destruction of Israel in their constitution.

Regardless of whether you think Israel has a right to exist where it does, it’s existence is now a fact which will not suddenly go away regardless of how many rockets are launched. Therefore either the people have to remove Hamas from power and hound them out, or Hamas have to compromise their ideals.

Do I think Israel have gone too far? Yes – without doubt. In fact it’s disgusting.

However – more jaw, jaw less war, war as Churchill once said. God I sound like my mother!!! lol

the Israelis are only trying to prevent ha mas from firing rockets into israel. by taking out their leaders, soldiers, and bases where they fire the rockets from not exterminate the whole population. most Palestinians are just normal people trying to get on with their lives. if they can prevent ha mas from doing this then i’m sure the israelis would leave as i believe they would sooner live in peace. lets hope that other suspect middle-east nations stop furnishing ha mas with weapons

A true Israeli recognises that the enemies are not the Palestinian’s the enemy is Hamas. There is a fairly large difference.

We have no beef with Egypt. The peace we have with them is wonderful, for both sides. We don’t use poison gas. If you believe in the Bible, than you should have no objection to an eye for an eye….

They are not looking for a ‘final solution’ they are looking for an accomodation and a way to stop Hamas firing rockets into Israel.

Yes. Except there are tons of innocent women and children in Gaza.

That would not be a solution but the beginning of the end of humanity.

In every injustice perpetrated there is a retributive justice lurking.

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