R american high schools really as shown in movies and tv?

Are there really popular kids and smart nerdy kids and all that?were u a nerd or a popular kid?

No, there are popular kids and nerds but not the way it is on tv and movies…they only do that to keep you watching. I was considered a nerd because I love science and technology but I am sort of known though.

At least with a big high school like mine, the popularity thing doesn’t really exist. It was there in middle school, but there are so many kids now it just faded away. The kids at my school are very privileged, almost all of us are nerds because we’ve been taught to study and be successful. Of course, we have depressed kids and slackers as well, but it’s nothing like the movies.

@Nick – LOL xD

No not really. Everyone associates with their own group, at least at my school. Those are just the standards that movies and shows base off of schools because it makes it…more interesting.

not exactly but yeah, their are popular kids and nerds. i am neither.

yes and im a nerd

Not all of them. In my school, there’s a lot of mixing between groups.

Yes, and we also break out in musical dance numbers like they do in the movies.

All My Children DEBS and The L Word

Yeah my school’s exactly like Mean Girls.

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