Pick 5 Cities in the United States or Canada that you would want to visit?

Any 5 cities in the US or Canada. And please not just ones that you would want to visit, but also ones that you have visited and would recommend. Thanks!

washington d.c.
orlando, fl
san fransisco, ca
chicago, il
miami, fl

I visited Halifax
I want to travel Canada one day So I will say all of the Capital citys in Canada that I have not visited.

I want to visit: New York, Quebec City, Juneau, Waikiki (Hawaii) and Iqaluit. Because … … I want to be able to say I’ve been to Iqaluit. Preferably in the summer though.

I’ve been to most Canadian cities I want to. My parents were big on seeing the country as kids. I want to go back to Halifax, which I’ve only been to once when I was about 6.

Highly recommend San Franciso and Vancouver. And Seattle. Love Seattle. Toronto is, eh, but I like Ottawa and Montreal. I didn’t really love Calgary, but Edmonton was nice. Banff and Jasper are really cool. Not cities. But pretty cool none the less. Charlottetown and Summerside (PEI) were really neat as well. Victoria is nice in the summer, but I’ve lived there for a couple years and it gets depressing and boring in the winter.

Places I have visited and recommend:
1: Manhattan, New York
2: Miami, Florida
3: Charleston, South Carolina
4: Atlanta, Georgia
5: Houston , Texas

5 Niagra Falls
#4 Vancouver
#3 Colorado
#2 Calgary

San Diego, New York City, Milwuakee, Minneapolis, Orlando.

Yellowknife, Kona, Hana, Quebec, Key West

Boston-lived and love it!! but go in the summer you have to be a native to enjoy it in the winter. Catch a BoSox game to Fenway is Fantastic!

Toronto-Its beautiful and not a bad trip to form wherever you have to go from the country, great scenery but very modern.

Orlando- IT has a load of attractions and pretty much great weather all year round.

Honolulu-Dude its hawaii..enough said, unless you just mean continental US

Denver-Been there in the winter and it is soooo beautiful to go into the rockies. Fantastic scenery and again, modern so your not like lost with a out house and general store down the street.

New York City (amazing,), Vegas (hey if your 21 and got some extra money it will be the time of your life), Miami Florida, (only if you like hot weather and beaches), Hilton Head Island SC (beautiful quite islands, pretty beaches, and a lot of beach sports, a little expensive), and I would say in big city in California

Seattle WA
Las Vegas NV
Houston TX
Miami FL
Sacramento CA

I have been all over and these are my top five places in the USA and Canada.

1. Seattle, WA
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. New York, NY
4.Los Angeles, CA
5. Any city or town in Arizona(AZ is beautiful!)

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