***OPINION*** How do you like wearing uniforms at school?

***This question is ONLY for people who wear uniforms at school or did once.***

I have to start wearing a uniform next year, and I’m not too thrilled about it.

The uniform is polos and khakis.

Also, can you think of anyways I can still be creative besides hair, makeup, nails, jewlery, socks, shoes?

I went to a private school for a while and HATED wearing a uniform. I moved so now i go to public school and i really wish i had a uniform because is one less thing to worry about in the morning. My uniform was pretty cool a sweater with plaid skirt kinda blue opaque grey and i miss it so much. You’re so luckyyy!!! We also had days we wore blue sweat pants with a sweate and it was really comfy so i loved it.

I currently don’t wear uniforms but I did for years! But only one okay thing about uniforms is that you don’t have to waste time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear (but who knows, some people probably like that part of their day). I personally didn’t like uniforms, there is a lack of self expression. Now if uniforms were like Japanese uniforms, then I probably wouldn’t mind as much ;] lol

Hate uniform

I wear a polo, black trousers/skirt and a sweatshirt. I hate it! Its too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Girls at my school try to wear dark leggings or jeans, or subtly replace the logo polo with a Hollister polo- but we always get sent home. The guys wear hoodies and sports shoes, they get sent home too. I see the idea behind uniform, but it really doesn’t work in reality. Kids want the freedom of expressing themselves through clothing and a uniform doesn’t stop them. At least three kids are sent home everyday…:)

I go to an all girls grammar school and the uniform is brown. No make-up, no jewellery, no flamboyant hair colours and no hoodies/jackets. Now of course you can guarentee everyone breaks atleast one of these rules on a regular basis and everyone constantly complains about our rather unappealing uniform colour but personally, I like it. In the younger years of my school I hated it but as I get older it makes me feel more connected to my school and a sense of belonging 🙂

I have wore school uniform all my life and your a bit luckier as mine is black skirt, white blouse , tie and a blazer not to great rather boring. I don’t like them as i don’t feel you can show your personality as when you are wearing your own clothes they are ones you like so it shows who you really are and what your like and uniform doesn’t give that across if everyone is the same.

It SUCKKKSS. I would die if I had to wear a uniform again. Yeah just have your uniform taken in and roll up your khakis? idkk!

i like wearing uniforms

i had to wear uniforms at a school in Sao Paulo


i like wearing uniforms. You can show your style with your backpack. Do you have locker? You can do locker too.

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