One of my fuel tanks does not work on my 1995 ford f-150 pickup truck. what is the problem?

When i switch to the other tank my truck shuts down. its full of fuel so what is the problem?

the 2 tank fords had a selector valve that was often mounted on the inside of the drivers frame rail. IIRC some had the fuel pump built into the valve too while others had a pump in each tank. the switch on the dash controlled both the pumps and the valve. its kind of a screwed up system that often has problems when the truck get older. it can be a bear to troubleshoot in your driveway but can be done if you are willing to get into it. i would start with the simple stuff- check the dash switch and listen to hear if both pumps run and feel the valve as its being operated. from there i would check for power at the valve and the tank pumps. check all 3 for good grounds. after that it gets tougher. disconnect the fuel lines on both sides of the valve and check for fuel flow. if there is none from the bad tank it will have to be dropped and checked. good luck

I hope it’s a bad ground, blown fuse, or something simple. If it is a bad fuel pump you are going to have to remove the tank to fix it. If it is full of fuel it is going to weight at least 150 pounds, I hope you can siphon the fuel out, on some models you can’t.

could be a fuse, a cloged fuel filter, bad slecter valve – the one that switches between the 2 tanks, bad fuel pump …..

well you could have a blocked fuel line which for your sake is the case and if not then your fuel pump in the gas tank is blocked or shot

The switching vavle between the tanks is bad.

bad fuel pump,bad ground,fuse,start with one work until you solve it

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