My friend thinks his mum has had an affair.?

My friend has just told me that he thinks he looks more like his uncle than his dad. He sent me a picture of him and I can see the similarities, he doesn’t look like his “dad” at all but his dad’s brother which could mean his mum had an affair. Do you have any advice for him? Btw he doesn’t…

Your friend isn’t very smart. His uncle got his features from his parents, which are your friends grandparents. Even though your dad didn’t get the same features, those genetics were passed down in his DNA.

For example. My sister has blue eyes, but neither by dad nor my mom have blue eyes. But my grandpa does. So blue eyes were passed down through my mom (even though she has brown eyes) and to my sister. So she looks more like my uncle who has blue eyes, rather than my mom.

i counsel u to communicate to ur mom approximately this. And basically ur mom for now, u do no longer choose to reason greater difficulty by technique of telling ur dad ur mothers cheating and locate available wasn’t an affair. talk to her, talk and view out to dig the actuality outta her. If she does not admit or sas some thing that’s an obtrusive lie then supply her evidence even blackmailing is sturdy. only make effective u are not getting too tangled in ur mum and dad difficulty.

My brother looks like my great uncle . . . and I don’t think my mom got freaky with him. Since his uncle is obviously his dad’s brother, they have the same blood and therefore theres a chance your friend would look like him, and if his uncle has a son, maybe he will come out looking like your friends dad.

I wouldnt say anything. Two affairs would be stretching logic.
A lot of times kids just come out from all sorts of different genes. I have my grandmother’s hands, and my dad’s eyes and my aunt’s smile. We get what we get. I am sure there are plenty of great personality traits he gets from his dad that he should also consider and put value in.

ahahahhahahahaaa. it doesnt mean she had an affair ! sometimes well a lot of times you look more like other family members. obviously the dad has to look his uncle so it really all makes sense. he could look just like his aunt & uncle. its possible

I think that’s a pretty common thing. A lot of times your kids can resemble your siblings in some ways, because genetically you still possess those biological traits even though they are recessive in you (you don’t see them), you carry them on and they can pass to your kids. Unless he has proof of some kind, I wouldn’t advise asking his mom anything like that either. Chances are, she didn’t do any such thing and will be hurt greatly or either find it massively hysterical.

it doesn’t mean his mom had an affair. he just don’t look like his dad i don’t look like my dad i actually look like my cousin! i think he should ask his mom anyways just to make sure

he has to talk to his mom!!! or his uncle

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