Is Paula Deen over-sexual on her show?

Recently while watching Paula Deen she seems to be so sexually oriented. Like she would go into the audience and get men she would make circles around and talk about in a flirtatious way, then take them up and get them to “rub” her meat, and talk about how big their meat was. She’s also said stuff…

I saw the show you are speaking of and you have no humor and no common sense. Give us all a brake and admit you are complaining. You are taking what she said out of context. my wife read your questions and as a psychologist agrees you need to spend time doing more constructive things than complaining to yahoo answers folks. email her with your complaint. Let Paula be the woman she is and go watch something else.

She is just entertaining people. Have mercy! You’re complaining about her when there’s MTV. If you don’t like her change the channel. When she goes around flashing the audience then we can talk. Well I suppose then they’ll just move her show to MTV as well. They’re the ones who need missionaries!

Good Lord. Sweet Jesus. I am putting my head in the oven now. Crap. It’s electric, not gas. Paula Deen needs to be stopped anyway. I can’t bear to watch her eat. Uggh. I think I will gouge my eyeballs out with a serrated grapefruit spoon.

Lots of people find over-the-top suggestive flirting humerus, especially when it is obviously intended to be humor (not a serious come-on).

I’m not sure why you think this needs to be stopped. If you are morally offended and upset by it, contact food network. If enough people complain, maybe they will rein it in. For most people, it just gives them a chuckle.

Paula Deen is HOT!

No, Paula Deen rocks!!

Out of all of the disgusting things on tv anymore, some old lady fondling her meat is what bothers you?

That’s gross, but she’s old and making much of her life, we feel the need to do more for older folks cause their lives are shorter
Maybe that’s what entertainment in the south is, who knows

it is my opinion only: But, no one is over sexual. There is in no manner way shape or form that any woman or man who knows who they are, is comfortable in their skin, and shares with joy anything at all that can be construed as over sexual. It is by God’s own account that humans are the carriers of their own circumstance and if they are sexual beings God bless them. If they are not, God help them.

no! she’s not overly sexual!! you can choose to not watch, but I beleive she is just a flirtatious lady and has every right to be herself on her own show! so what if she used sexual inuendos related to food, it makes it fun.

Leave her alone and let her have her fun 🙂

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