Is it just me, or do Christians only believe in parts of the bible when it suits them, ignoring them others?

It just sees to me that Christians have this big basket full of bible quotes and they pull them out when they need to discriminate against someone or a community. Otherwise they just ignore them.
The whole gay thing is a great example. They have all sorts of quotes they spew when it comes to hating gays. “It…

From the answers on my last question…..I’d say you are totally correct sir!

Many who claim to be a Christian but are actually just a member of a church, these people will only use from the Bible what pleases them. A true Christian will live by the word of God and will only allow the Holy Spirit to interpret the meaning of the scriptures for them instead of men.
I hope this helps.

When Christ says himself that the sexually immoral will not be allowed into heaven, that’s pretty solid. Read the whole chapter I linked, but focus on verses 14 & 15.

As for a commandment against misrepresenting the word of God, I will have to get back to you but I’m sure I can find something that will deal with the case to your satisfaction (unless it is taken out of context, of course).

First, only some 15% of Christians believe in Sola Scriptura, or the idea that the Bible alone is the basis for Christian doctrine. The other 85% believe that tradition dictates the interpretation of the Bible. In other words, they accept or reject parts of the Bible as tradition dictates, and make no apologies for that fact.

Agreed. Bravo. Typpppical Christians:P

the bible was written as allegorical literature, and not meant to be taken literally in and context. all religions teach hate, whether cleverly disguised or not.
i like the passages about eating your own children. how the hell is that “out of context”?!?! lol

The was a guy on R&S who asked once whether the Christians are reading the Bible with a yellow and a black marker…

Some of them surely.
Not all of them. Just as surely.

Seems that you does not understand what “context” means. If you do and check the passages you will find what we mean.

Besides, sin is to be rejected, but the sinner is to be loved and helped to know the love of God and be forgiven.

I understand your point. I don’t think that biblical condemnation, in and of itself, is sufficient to warrant continuing Christian opposition to homosexuality.

However, human anatomy reveals quite clearly God’s plan for human sexuality, and human epidemiology demonstrates the consequences of ignoring it.

Yeah, I think the whole condoning slavery thing is pretty clear. I certainly hope no one takes that literally in the bible.

Book of Matthew vs. school prayer is my favorite example (the sermon on the mount).

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