Im gunna ask this girl on a date tommorow,last minute ADVICE PLEASE!!!?

O.k im 17 about to turn 18 in a month. And there is this girl that works at the cash register at a grocery store, probably the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. She looks about 18 or 19.I think i have a shot with her and I want to ask her out on a date and im planning on starting the conversation like; hey im…

No no hon. You always start off by either a joke or a compliment. If you walk up tro the register, def buy something. Tell her that you like the way she wears her hair that way or something to that effect. You get my drift. Then introduce yourself. Tell her that you were thinking about going to see a movie later and would really enjoy it if she would accompany you if she doesn’t already have plans. Dont make it sound like you are desperate or you have it all planned out already. Just be relaxed and it will be smooth sailing. I hope this helps. 😉

ok well, youre already doing it wrong. dont think of a script before you go talk to her. chances are it wont go the way you plan it then youre standing there not knowing what to say. set a goal that you want to achieve before you are done talking to her.

but what i would do is exchange numbers. idk this is kinda hard cus some girls dont like to do stuff like that when they are on the job. so find out when she gets off work, and find out if she wants to do something when she does. then thats where you would ask her for the movie. movies are so cliche though, ask her out for ice cream, its classic but is not cliche.

Don’t stare and drewl while looking at her chest:)

be like ur gettin it in with me tonite. so ye.a.

do it in romantic place.

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