If The Unemployment Rate Is Still High In 2012, Do You Think Obama Will Still Blame Bush ?

If we still have a high unemployment rate in 2012, do you think Barack will still blame George for it, even though by that time Bush would have been out of office for 4 years. If Obama is gonna run on the message of blame it on Bush when he runs for re-election, than he will certainly be a 1 term president if…

It’s worked so far even though the dems have been in control of congress since Jan 2007. 0bama can’t blame them or himself, so it has to be Bush.

He will be blaming bush right up until the night of the election…..he will be the day after too, he’ll just be doing it while crying on chewbacca’s shoulder.

Unemployment was 4.6% at the 2006 election….democrats took over the Congress and we’ve gone straight down hill since. Despite all the rhetoric most intelligent Americans know this fact.

Obama`s followers still blame Bush

Gee… probably….you know like everyone still blames Hoover for the Crash of 1929….even though FDR was the clean up guy and he had to spend a gajillion dollars of government money …and still took ten years to do it.

I bet you a lot of money that you can’t find anyone today who blames that ten years of struggle after Hoover left the White House on FDR….. pretty much any book you pick up will tell you that the Hoover administration was responsible for the Crash.

Even six or eight years into recovery, all the Americans still blamed Hoover…and not FDR.

Guess Americans were smarter then….maybe schools were better then…who knows…

He should probably take responsibility as a good leader at that point, but it’s unrealistic to expect him to completely clean up the Bush mess in four years. Too much damage was done.

Breaking news, politicians try to not take the blame for negative things! Stop the presses!

Bush killed the Dinosaurs and started Global Warming!

Great Question! Great Point! And the answer is Yes!

I want Bill Clinton back

If I slapped your face in 2007, would you still say “He slapped my face”? or would you change up and say “I did it to myself”? Facts stick, opinions vary.

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