How is homosexual and heterosexual equal?

Prop 8 was banned so i hear the homosexuals saying” WE WANT EQUAL RIGHTS!!!”How is that equal when you have a husband and wife rights compared to 2 women and 2 men rights …How is that equal? i dont see and it doesnt add up to me…So can anyone make that equal? I just dont see it…You want the same rights as a…

I think you are making it too literal.
Think of it this way. There’s a white man and a black man. Sure they look different, they may lead different lives, but in America, as a US citizen, they are given equal rights. Right?
Now, say one man is gay, it doesn’t matter which, but one is.
One can get married, and create a life. The other can. If the gay man dies, his partner loses everything because they aren’t married. Say he had put the title to the house in his name, the car is in his name, they adopted a kid, he was the legal parent. His partner would have no legal claim at all, because they would be just like a stranger of the street… in the eyes of the law. The house, car, children, the whole life they built together, is given to the next of kin, and the partner is left behind.
The straight man doesn’t have to worry about that. Because he and his wife were married, she will be left the house, car, and children. Any insurance benefits will be directly given to her. Legally, she is entitled to all this as a spouse.
I’ve heard countless stories of gay families literally being torn apart when one partner dies. It’s terrible to see.
I didn’t mention the emotional aspects, as you would hope a spouse would mourn and grieve the death of their loved one. That is something no one can take away.
When you say ‘how are (is would be incorrect, btw) homosexuality and heterosexuality (I figured I’d just correct the entire question) equal’, what you are really trying to say is homosexuality=wrong and heterosexuality=right and thus can’t be equal. Until you change your mind set to see that neither is right nor wrong, but both are natural, you will never understand why homosexuals seek equal rights.
Think of it this way. You, I assume, are straight. You have the right to marry, correct? Why should someone else be denied the right to marry, just because they are marrying someone of the same sex. As an individual, shouldn’t they have the same right to marry, the same right that is granted to you? Would that not be equal?

First of all, you need to relax. You may have strong feelings about this issue, but there’s no reason to be agitated. I’ll try to be a civil as possible for my own part.

1- Prop 8 wasn’t banned. Prop 8 was passed, and homosexual couples were denied marriage rights.

2- How does the relationship of a man and a woman compare to that of two men or two women? Assuming that they’re good couples, then you’ll be able to tell that they all love each other and belong together. You would be able to see the good that comes from their pairing.

3- Having equal rights for all couples is most certainly not impossible. The laws just need to be revised reflect equality. It wouldn’t change anything as far as straight people are concerned. You could go on believing that straight people are superior. I wouldn’t stand in your way.

Umm… wouldn’t it be easier to make everything “equal” if the two people involved are the same gender? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

I find your “argument”, such as it is, strewn with gaping defects in logic. Under the law, all are supposed to be treated as equals. This is irrespective of gender. In that sense, then, the law of the United States is founded on the concept that it is possible to treat same sex couples equal with more traditional couples. Would you argue, then, that all law in the United States is faulty because it’s based on something impossible? I don’t think you’ll find a lot of takers on that argument.

You seem to be analyzing the value or quality of a romantic couple by their gender. It’s pretty much as analyzing a romantic couple by their age, or by their racial differences. Why do a 25 year old woman in love with a 45 year old man and a black man in love with a white woman have more rights than two men who are in love? It’s easy: love knows no boundaries: not in gender, not in age, not in race, not in anything. So yes, in essence, same-sex couples are equal to straight couples. The only thing that is different is how they have sex. That’s all. And sex, as we all know, is not the foundation of marriage. It’s love.

Equality doesn’t mean that we want to be in identical kinds of relationships.
Yes you can make gay and straight couples equal by legally recognizing them in the same way.
I kind of struggled with what your question really means because you haven’t punctuated it very well (so sentences mix together).
Basically, gay people are going to live together in relationships whether straight individuals understand why or not. Just because your preconceived understanding of a relationship means a man and a woman doesn’t mean that it always works that way in reality. Why should we suffer because you don’t understand?

Its about love. If you loved a member of the opposite sex and you were attracted to them then society says its fine because its been happening forever. But if theres someone who loves and is attracted to the same sex society says its wrong because theres less people who are that way and decides to proclaim straight relationships as more important and more sacred than gay ones. In 2000 years time when gay marriages have been happening all over the world for that long you think society will still feel that straight relationships are more important?

Equal rights has to do with taxes.
Married people have the right to tax breaks that require you to be legally married.
If one dies and has a retirement benefit then the surviving spouse automatically gets the retirement.
If you do not allow two same sex to marry then you are denying them the ability to receive the benefits that marriage allows by tradition and law.

It would be equal to let two people in love marry.

We don’ wake up and decide that we want to be gay today and straight next wednesday. It doesn’t work that way! I want the right to marry a woman when I find the right one.

They want the same rights as any couple living together ,including common law couples who have more rights at present

ok I am heterosexual but I think what the gay ppl meant by “equal” rights is the right to be humans and live their lives normally. I am pretty sure they don’t want hetero rights….but yeah…good question

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