How do you tell your mum you crashed her car?

borrowed one of my mums cars(she let me & she just bout it earlier this month).. .
the front bumper is cracked and the hood wont’ close.
should i just buy it from her?
what would you do?

Just tell her. She is bound to have insurance on it. Just offer to pay the deductible.

call her at present. tell her there became an accident, yet rigidity that each and every person is high quality, no person became harm. Then tell her with regard to the motor vehicle and the living house. there is not any way you could hide from this or evade punishment – purely stay calm and confess the full actuality as quickly as a possibility. as long as no person became heavily injured, your mom would be calmer than you think of.

tell her what happened, offer to pay for the damages or work off the damages by doing certain things around the house.

is this the first time? or one of many?

offer to pay for the repair, and be more careful next time, if she’ll let you borrow one again.

As you start explaining, bumble a lot, and make sure one side of your face slowly droops and you become incoherent. She’ll then be too worried to be angry.

Answering your first question…i crashed the car, but it woudln’t start it was soo bad, so i sort of had to tell her.

“Mom…I got in an accident with you’re car. I’ll pay for the damage.” …otherwise, you’re doomed

tell her youre sorry but youve had an accident and tell her you will be responsible for the repairs.

“mom, i had an accident with the car”
offer to pay for damage

just say someone must have backed into you in a parking lot

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