How come Republicans are convinced that Obama’s approval ratings are falling?

You guys have been claiming this for the last year already and yet his approval rating is always hovering around 48%. It has barely budged!…

Are you guys smoking something?

lol and that proves that libs lie!!! It is below 50 and dropping in weekly polls !!! Want proof be a real American and stop using just one source!!! Mrs wolf sheeple worship 0ilbama!!!

The republicans have cried wolf way too usually. each and all of the ‘expenditures’ that they have leveled against President Obama they have already used on a 0.5 a dozen different democrats or perhaps a number of of their very own. how many democrats have been charged with being the ‘maximum liberal’? how many republicans have been charged with being RINOs? related to the only new value they have controlled to come again up with is that Obama is a muslim and grew to become into born on another planet. unique, yet dumb as a post! Beside, each and all of the expenditures come from the lips of precise wing radio ‘entertainers’. Are we meant to take those ninnys heavily? maximum persons now comprehend that the republicans are in basic terms like the canine that chased the automobile. After the canine caught the automobile he had no thought what to do with it. After the GOP captured the federal government they have been clueless. all of sudden waving the flag and shaking the go did no longer look to have any result on the actual worldwide. slicing taxes and deregulating did no longer, interior the long-term, make every person ‘richer’. commencing 2 wars applying the federal credit card did no longer make us ‘safer’. human beings be conscious one ingredient specially others…..fulfillment! The GOP proved that interior the tip all that they had grew to become into the Ex-Lax touch and we, wealthy and undesirable alike, have taken it the shorts from those weasels. Obama has the wonderful innovations and the management to get the activity finished. The GOP will attempt to cease him. they might actually do it. in the event that they do no longer, it heavily isn’t for loss of attempting. No kiddin’!

This morning on ABC they had the results of their Gallup/ABC poll…Obama’s approval rating is down to 43% and some polls show upper 30’s but I don’t put much stock in those kinds of polls…a more telling poll is how is the Presidents own party reacting to him and many Democrats have had their fill of Obama’s suicide politics and are turning away from him.

RCP is biased by including several unreliable polls in the average.
However, even if it had any validity at all, his approval is just about to fall off of a cliff anyway.

The economy is heading back towards a depression and he has no more excuses

His negligent response to the oil spill will kill him if a hurricane drives millions of gallons of crude onto land

A terrorist attack will highlight his gutting of our defenses

Expansion of violence along the border, especially during his idiotic lawsuit, will highlight his mismanagement of the illegal alien problem

Conservatives believe if you say something often enough, it will come true. And that strategy has worked for them in the past.

They successfully trashed the word “liberal.” They convinced America that Kerry was unpatriotic (he was actually a Vietnam Vet). They convinced half of all Republicans that Obama is a Kenyan-born terrorist who wants to destroy America.

i just heard on the radio that among independents, the approval rating is now at 38%, so yeah i guess it is falling,

Lol, thts lower than bush’s and we all no that there are more democrates out there than republicans.

uh oh. lol that means that there are some obama slaves that arent loyal to him anymore. LMAO!!!!!

Because 47.3% is lower than the 48% that he was at a few weeks ago.
I am smoking a fine Cuban cigar!

It was 75% when he took office. Lets say you are right and it’s 48% now. Can YOU see that 48 is lower than 75?

RCP average had him much higher about 2 months ago


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