How can i increase horsepower in my 1999 3.8L ford mustang cheaply?

Says it all above, whats gets good HP for cheap and, what is reliable as well

hate to break it to you, but you got to pay, to play.. that’s the old motto, but the best ways, to get a good sound, some speed, for bangs for the buck, other than getting a 4.6 … good to see people mess with the v6 stangs…. is exhaust….BBK long tube headers, all the way out the back with a x pipe, with no cat, with flow masters…. about a 2.5in exhaust should do…. considering you won’t go to crazy with it…. bbk CIA (cold air intake) and a SCT tune, will put down good numbers… 1999 v6 are rated like 190? some where in there… you’ll be quick, not fast. first and second gear will pull…. but by than the race is nearly over. 🙂

Cheapest things are exhaust and air flow. Without having to rip everything apart.

dude dont waste your money on 2.5 inch exhaust that will prolly hurt you more than help !!! dual exhaust , yes 2.0 inch is more than big enough for any and all hp you could ever get out of a v-6 spend that wasted money on something that will help ya out

Trade for V8

Install a Nitrous Oxide kit.

A little NOX goes a long way.

The cheaply way is to drive it faster, going downhill.

Sell it and buy a GT Mustang

50-75hp hit of tha giggle gas.

hello i think your car should be somewhere abobe 230bhp but it depends, good luck

octane boost, NOS, tweak the carb

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