Ok, I am really freaking out about this. I heard that the world is going to end in December 2012 because the earths poles are going to shift and we are going to get eatan by a black hole? Is this true? I’m really really scared!!

The absolute, final, definite prediction # 388620 of the upcoming end of the world. After this one passes without the world ending someone will come up with prediction # 388621, probably with a month or so. Relax, there has never been a shortage of fools predicting gloom and doom.

ummmmmmm calm down.
do you want me to get a paper bag so you don’t hyperventilate? lol

first of all, i learned in physics that a pole shift has already occurred in earth’s history…..its not like its never happened before, and we’re not going to spontaneously combust because of that

Second of all, Mayan civilization (which I presume is what your superstitions are based upon) was established around 2000 BC and lasted til like 900 AD (im looking at wikipedia, btw)

so today, we’re like…..oh no, the calender stopped at 2012! That means the world’s going to end! Ok, first of all, did the mayans explicitly state that the world was going to end? No!

dont you think that creating a calender all for the next 2000 years is a bit excessive? perhaps we’ve overblown the whole thing. Maybe the scribe or priest or whoever was recording this calender was like, “Screw it, I’ve already written a calender for the next two millennia. I think I’m pretty prepared for the future. And, my hand is killing me, I quit!”

That’d be like people today recording a calender for the year 4050 or something….

so chill! I would worry more about our economic recession or an impending nuclear war (with psycho N. Korea), or fixing up the environment or something

The trouble with these scare-mongering stories people keep posting here is that they never tell the whole story. The Mayan long count calendar is ending a cycle on that date based on planet alignments, something that happens once a year, but they fail to mention that.

If you are so worried about earth shattering events, consider the near earth objects as your best bet for armegeddan (sp). The 320 meter Apophis will have near fly-by in 2029 with a closer date with destiny in 2036. The greater threat, however, is 1950DA in 800 years or so, now that will be the one causing global impact winter.

btw, the shifting of poles will not cause infinite density, if anything, just a wobble.

People are funny. What are the odds that a large portion of the population has actually figured out what is going to happen in the future 3 years from now? Don’t expect disaster to happen.

But on the other hand, there has been a lot of speculation about the capabilities of the Large Hadron Collider. If it can really create a black hole big enough to wipe us out…then you might have the Apocalypse you’re looking for.

Two quick points:
1) Throught out the history of humans, civilazations have made calendars. Many of them end on December 2012. Why? Nobody knows.
2) Black holes cannot be created out of nothing. Black holes are created when a massive object (bigger than the sun) implodes. Then it will become a white dwarf. The gravity pull of this newly created object is millions of times stronger than our sun. After this new star runs out of energy it will implode once again. Creating a black hole. Which means that black holes come about from huge stars. Our sun is not big enough to become a black hole (it will grow into a red giant then explode…. and this will take about 5 billion more years to happen). The nearest star that can possibly become a black hole is thousands of light-years away. So a black hole will not be able to “eat” us.

As far as I know, the poles are just going to shift when the sun lines up with the universe’s center causing a massive change. You really gotta be aware of keeping yourself in good health or listen to your dreams.Seriously,I could’ve saved people if I had.

There’s actually a pretty good chance, and science backs up this theory. What’s even freakier is the fact that there are many prominent sources pointing to the exact date of the world ending. You should check out the end of the Mayan calendar, web bots project, and how it relates to the ancient text “I Ching.” It freaked the hell out of me too.

Welcome death if it cames and invite life if you can live it….if it happens it will be quick because poles melt and a flood the planet, extreme temperature changes, and etc. etc. etc. a meteor is supposed to hit that day….but most look at it as a spiratual awakening…survivors have to be well skilled at surviving so we my start over and our planet will be saved from our harmful living….thats what they think aliens or something like that are warning us of….but it might just be a realization of what we are doing to our planet….all planets of this solar system line up at 11:11 of some day (read up on the 11’s they’ve haunted me in a good way)….but it could be like 2000 when hells gates were supposed to happen….but even the myans and indians predicted this one as well as 9/ll and other weird things…SOMETHING will happen but none are sure what… live what you have left of your life (wether only 3 years are left or 50) without worry or else you will be freaking out about this and you wouldn’t be able to live your life to the fullest….you’ll die one day….why not go into history with it? I mean in this millenium there was Hitler, Great Depression, First Black President, Maybe end of human kind or just an awakening…we are going into history one way or another….but if it happens now let it….don’t fear it until it comes….history does repeat itself….(a meteor hit the dinosaurs)….who knows…..who cares unless your going to hell….lol…jk….email me if you would like to hear more about this….



the world might end in 30 sec.

and. !!!!!!!KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

there’s other things to worry about. = }

ok, 2 points
1 – how should anyone know if the world will be eaten by a black hole, no one can tell the future.
2 – If the earth was going to be eaten by a black hole, what difference does it make, everyone dies eventually, why not in a black hole?

Global Warming and the pole shifts cannot CAUSE a black hole to form.

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