Do you feel that America Must Accept Increasing Multiculturalism and End Racism?


In April 2009, in a Charlottesville, VA courtroom, Circuit Judge Edward L. Hogshire sentenced Jeremias Chagala-Mil for the repeated rape of a local middle-school girl….

One of the problems we have is that we tolerate indecent behavior from those that illegally enter these United States in the name of political correctness.

Many of these people are criminals in their home country and continue their criminal activities here including raping and torture of their victims.

While it is true that culturally the Mexican nation does tolerate the victimization of young children it doesn’t mean we should allow it here.

‘We have been tolerant of the intolerant for far too long.” (spoken by Geert Wilders about followers of Islam in the Netherlands.) Could be applied here… Mexican nationalist groups are ignoring the borders and the laws of this land.

Groups like La Raza the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States – works to subvert the laws and protection of Americans while working to protect the criminal entrants and the illegal activity they export from their home land.

It is time we send them home not embrace them.

I am not sure what is referred to as child abuse has to do with race, but you could argue the point of various cultural traditions.

MEXICO OR MEXICAN STATES along with other countries in the MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA, ASIA and there are more may “marry” off their young at earlier ages because it is a custom. Therefore,
it does indeed have a lot to do with culture and if the legal age of consent is 12 that would only apply to marriage. I am not sure where you acquired the above information, because most Latins are Catholic and sex before marriage is considered a sin?

Rape on the other hand is a crime and has nothing to do with consenting to a sexual act. Also physical maturity and mental and intellectual maturity are as different as night and day. Many young girls will try to run away from these marriages these days or will leave their assigned husband if they can. Many end up unhappy but learn to “live” with the consequences of these unions.

MEGAN’s law enforces the laws of child endangerment – and requires those who offend minors to be registered so that people are alerted and understand that this person has the capacity to hurt and damage children.

WITH RESPECT TO RACE AND MULTICULTURALISM the proposal of “ending Megan’s Law” is so far off left base that I’m not sure what your point is – perhaps you are being facetious?

The argument is ridiculous. This isn’t Mexico. Why should The United States bend over backwards to accommodate Mexican’s who refuse to obey the laws of our country? If I go to Iraq, then I must wear a head covering because I am a female. I respect that law. I do not cry out how unjust it is that I am being discriminated against because I am female, no, I don’t want to wear the head covering therefore I don’t stay in Iraq. It is that simple. Other countries do not worry so much about bending their own laws to accommodate the wants of others. If you do not like the laws in a country then you do not live there. You don;t go and accuse them of being racist and ignorant. If everyone else in that country can abide the law then your the one who has the problem. If anyone in this case is guilty of not accepting multiculturalism it the the Mexican immigrant who refuses to integrate into American society and abide by our laws. Plus, having sex with a 12 year old is just plain sick.

Moroni you must be a sexual predator. Man that is sick and no I don’t agree with repealing Megan’s Law. That law was put there to protect children from predators.

The sad part is that yes if the Dream Act, Comprehensive immigration reform and Amnesty which is hidden inside the Comprehensive immigration reform passes. There is a strong possibility that Megan’s Law will be repealed. As a matter of fact its already happening.

Megan’s Law Still Under Attack

The ACLU-NJ continues to be involved in the ongoing legal challenges to Megan’s Law, the New Jersey statute requiring local police to notify neighbors that they are living near certain sexual offenders deemed likely to reoffend. The New Jersey Supreme Court modified the law to allow offenders subject to notification to challenge the decision that they are particularly dangerous, and to challenge the scope of notification, but then upheld the constitutionality of the law as rewritten. In separate cases, however, a number of federal courts had ruled that the law fit the constitutional definition of punishment, and thus could not be applied to offenders who had committed their crimes before the law was past.

One of those cases reached the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, which in April vacated the US District Judge Politan’s decision on the ground that the plaintiff did not have standing to challenge the community notification portions of the law, because no decision had been made as to whether any notification would take place. In an extraordinarily long opinion, the court set out a comprehensive test for determining whether statutes like Megan’s Law constitute punishment. That test will now be used in a federal class action challenging the constitutionality of applying Megan’s Law to persons who committed their crimes before the statute was enacted. In the meantime, US District Judge Bissell has temporarily enjoined the state from proceeding with any community notification.

moroni, you are a pedophile. If they came legally, they would be aware of such laws. It is disgusting how they molest young girls and allow marriage at 12. This kind of multiculturalism we do not want our need. and no matter if the girl was 16, 32 is still way to old. Where are peoples morals at. And who in the world would give a thumbs up for such an answer.

Someone actually gave Moroni the thumbs up for that answer. So there are 2 sickos here in yahoo answers that like to rape little girls. I could imagine just how many more are actually out there.

Age of consent at 16 unbelievable. Next thing you know they wanna pass laws that say its ok to rape a girl once she is sexually mature. Then as long as you marry her its not rape.

This is sheer madness and we need to contact our senators and tell them to put an end to all of this once and for all. No amnesty of any kind whatsoever. Yes this includes the dream act and the immigration reform.

Our laws need to be protected and if anyone tries to rape my daughter I’m putting them six feet under. I will do time but I will avenge my daughter.

Its no surprise to me John that they want to repeal Megan’s Law. It was only a matter of time.

Bunch of sick dogs in Washington.

first of all. he raped the girl, but not because he is mexican, but because he is some sick bastard. why do you people keep saying that we mexicans tolerate old man having sex with young girls? that is not true. our rules here are even more severe than those in the states. people take the law with their own hands. i’ve seen people stoned to death, burned to death in front of dozens of people for robbery of a home. there is people like that all over the world. you talk like if us mexicans are some type of prototype designed to rape and uneducated. you need to understand that your country and ancestors used to marry at a very youn age. it all changed with the industrial revolution when everybody was concentrated on the economy of the country and you have what you have today people going to school, live a good life until they are 35 or older and then get married and have kids to only enjoy them when they are like 50 or 60. in mexico is different. every country that loses its culture, traditions and costumes gains something and that is the economic success like the u.s.a, but a country that continues the same pay a big price, the economic one.

Wow is this a powerful commentary on the differences between the moral values of America and Americans and MESSYco and MESSYcans. For the race pimp organization like NAACP, la raza, and the rest of the poisonous political correctness crowd they have to face the reality that their moral beliefs aren’t shared by most of the rest of the “dark skin” colored people of the world.

With this kind of multiculturalism who needs enemies.

If hating racist pedophiles who love to rape and abuse all kinds of women from birth all the way to senior citizens is considered racist. Then count me in as racist. Lets not forget the little boys and puppies that they rape.

I think our government needs to wake up and deport these degenerates before its too late.

We should embrace multiculturalism and end racism once and for all, but not by changing our own laws based on human decency and individual rights. I would, however, support lowering the age-of-consent to 16. It is in many states, but it is 17 and 18 in others. 16 year old girls know what they’re doing.

EDIT: Some people think I’m a sexual predator for thinking that 16 is an appropriate age of consent? That’s ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that 16 is the age of consent in Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Nevada, Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, both Carolinas, and many other states.

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