Do you believe that Heaven exists?

If so do you believe that Heaven is gonna be a wonderful place?

I believe Heaven does, indeed, exist. I believe Heaven will be paradise, just like God claims. I believe it will be paradise because all the characteristics of God will be available to everyone in full.

Of Course I Do! No Doubt In My Mind. It Will Not Only Be a Wonderful Place, But a Place With No Pain No Sorrow No Death Just Absolute Peace And Joy For Eternity. If Anyone Ever Tells You Different I Don’t Know If You Have a Bible Even If You Don’t Just Find One Anywhere And Go To The Book Of Revelations, There It Well Show You Everything About Heaven,

Yes, I believe heaven exists.

BUT, is heaven for me?
Psalms 115:16 says “As regards the heavens, to Jehovah the heavens belong, But the earth he has given to the sons of men.”

Psalm 37:29 says “the righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.”

yes i believe that heaven exists since i am a muslin and there is heaven in the after lif 4 muslims who are good and follow the right path which is prophet Muhammad (pbuh).This is what i believe but other people have different beliefs.

I don’t believe heaven exists because of it’s own believe that your soul magically goes to the afterlife when you die, you’re nature and so am I, when you die it’s nothing but death. there’s no heaven beyond our universe or in the clouds as there is more life to come from out of our dimensions. clouds are made up of water vapor from lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. clouds are seen through condensation due to high temperatures with in the atmosphere to what make them visible, these high temperatures can cause water molecules from the water vapor to change from a liquid state (non-visible) to a gaseous state making different types of clouds. there is no heaven in the clouds as that is science too and I only believe heaven exist as a whole way outside of our known infinite universe, where is heaven or god when we live in an expanding universe, he must be pushing heaven and hell back or something, people who believe in the mythological part of things are fearing death and you know what there’s nothing to fear in life. heaven and hell do not exist, your life and your soul (your own god), judges you and plans out your next life, that may be why people live bad lives, unfortunate lives and some live good lives where everything is natural to them making them comfortable with life, that’s the truth that lies in your present life whether you do something good or bad, maybe that’s why so much bad luck happens to people all the time who knows. people may disagree with me but this is all science as to why everything was creature because of the external environment around us, god didn’t do this and the only thing that makes me still believe in god is spiritual stories that people talk about and what they’ve encountered and seen, if that one thing didn’t come about then I wouldn’t believe in god. if you believe so much in god then why do young 5-6 year children have diseases, schizophrenia, disabilities, down syndrome and cancer. why do people especially adults see their own grandchildren buried before they’re buried, why is there disease, poverty, war, hate, crime and mentally insane people in this world, to believe in god to me is a joke, when such a thing maybe doesn’t even exist, how can one person watch what goes on in a whole entire universe.

Not sure. There are some people who don’t believe in life after death but then how can they explain ghosts? I have personally seen a few and they are very real, which could only mean they didnt go to heaven which is somewhat evidence of it exists. I myself believes there is life after death but I am unsure of what it is. If heaven is real, it is wonderful.

Absolutely. I believe it will be beyond what I can imagine. The bible gives a wonderful description. Majesty beyond comprehension. I am looking forward mostly to not having to work any longer, never having to cry again, and being in the presence of the most high forever.


Double Yes

Yes and Yes

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