Do people still speak Ancient Egyptian language in Egypt?

Is this common or rare in Egypt right now?

Arabic is our language now

No, Arabic is the language of Egypt, though the Coptic language (direct descendant of the Ancient Egyptian language) is used in the liturgy of the Coptic Orthodox Church, which a portion of Egyptians adhere to.

Interestingly, I read that after the Muslim conquest of Egypt, it was reported that some people were still speaking the ancient Egyptian language way deep down in upper Egypt well into the 1400s AD.

Speak Egyptian

lol good question…
i just learned about ancient egypt…
i think they dont speak Ancient Egyptian language

no people in egypt speak arabic as mother language,and english as a second language and a little of them speak french.

It’s actually very rare for them to speak their past language. About as many people there speak it as people here speak in an old english way ( where art thou…etc.)

The ancient Egyptian language is not in use any more except for reading old manuscripts, papyrus, walls and columns. We can translate it and know what they are talking about but we do not know how it is pronounced.

no but somtimes in some churchs thy pray with coptic language wich was in ancient


of course not we speak arabic
i find such a question highly offending

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