Did anyone watch “What!? Logo Documentaries: Pedigree Dogs Exposed?”?

And if you did, what did you think of what they were saying?
For those of you who didn’t watch it, the documentary basically talked about how our pedigree dogs are being bred to death, that they’re falling apart, and that the “genetic problems are increasing at a frightening pace.” It showed…

No, it really is not that bad, but saying that would not make for an attention grabbing “tabloid style” sensationalist program that has an agenda to “prove” which contends that across the breed groups all breeders that show dogs in conformation are producing dogs against the standard, that are mentally and physically unsound and putting the glory of titling a dog or b*tch and a ribbon over the quality of the dogs they produce. This is a generalisation and whilst there are breeds where there is a need for change, those breeds should not be taken as representative of all breeds and breeders within a breed where there is a problem, the GSD being one.

My opinion is that it is the fault of the breed clubs that have not only condoned by not stepping in and stopping the practice of exaggeration creeping in to the point where they became the accepted norm in a show dog, they rewarded dogs bred against the standard with conformation titles and Kennel Club for although it does not have the power to change a breed standard, it does have the authority to apply a sanction and withhold challenge certification from a breed

In addition the breed clubs choose the names of judges they put forward to the Kennel Club to be appointed as judges in championship shows, which means if a judge wants further appointments s/he picks a dog where in the case of the German Shepherd Dog the standard was thrown out of the window and conforming to the original set breed type ignored in favour of what is popular and bred for.

The breed standard is not the problem in a breed such as the German Shepherd Dog it is the setting aside or in others the misinterpretation of the standard.

Until unhealthy dogs are penalised by being excused from the breed ring and dogs bred to the standard rewarded with titles I cannot see the situation improving, and again with regard to the German Shepherd Dog the Kennel Club did not impose its sanction of withholding challenge certificates from breed clubs that did not undertake to produce dogs back to the original type described in the standard. The wording in the undertaking of the GSD breed clubs was vague and woolly “2. The Club accepts that there is *a degree of unsoundness* in the hindquarters of the breed and in particular in the hocks of some dogs and that these problems are to be penalised at shows. “

Yes, one who used to be within the that a lot anguish and could not be constant at all should be put out if it is distress like that one Cavalier who was once screaming in agony. It can be unhappy, but if it is inflicting them a lot soreness it is no longer fair to the dogs. And what i am form of pissed off about is that they keep saying pedigree puppies. Pedigree dogs are dogs who have been bred via *in charge* breeders. I trust you, there’s a big (words are not able to describe the change) between accountable and BYBs. Oh gosh, Dachshunds are imagined to have brief legs, I imply that is what was purposely bred into them. And German shepherds’ hips are supposed to go down. I amazed this video is not with Peta and it can be rather demanding since they’re blaming liable breeders for these bad outcome of backyard breeders. I just want to add: I particularly don’t like how they when put next pedigree puppies and the KC with Hitler’s “ultimate race.” There are necessities in puppies considering the fact that all dogs had been bred with a purpose whether it be retrieving, pointing, hunting, or even companionship they had been all bred with a rationale and that is why there are “best” necessities for each breed. People are not bred for a motive and hence don’t need to be best or you need to be best so I suppose that was once an awfully flawed evaluation.

Hello… the “unhinged”, “biased” producer of Pedigree Dogs Exposed here.

Just to say that the film prompted three major reports in the UK – all concluding that there was a problem in the breeding of purebred dogs that needed urgent action.


(NB some of this refers to a sequence on eugenics that wasn’t included in the version shown on Logo – we have to deliver a shorter film for international)

There has been a sequel, btw – Pedigree Dogs Exposed – Three Years On, which aired in the UK earlier this year (I suspect it’s on YouTube). It showed that there had been improvements (the Kennel Club has put in several measures to deal with conformational extremes and is taking genetic diversity more seriously. It will no longer register the progeny of mother/son or father/daughter matings or from bitches that have had more than two C-sections). However, the film concluded by saying that much more still needed to be done – a view supported by the UK veterinary associations and the Dog Advisory Council that was set up in the wake of Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

You’ve barely started on this road in the US and the problems are, of course, just as bad as they were/are in the UK – some breeds better, some breeds worse but overall, there is a massive issue to be addressed.

Jemima Harrison
Pedigree Dogs Exposed

This programme was shown in the UK YEARS ago now, and at the time, caused a major storm. Which is exactly what was intended!

I would just tell you that much as by no means is everything ‘rosy’ in the world of the purebred dog, I personally know of somebody who was asked to take part in the making of this documentary, and from his involvement alone, can tell you that almost ALL of what was filmed ended up on the cutting room floor, in his segment alone. In other words the whole programme was HIGHLY BIASED. To cause exactly the reaction you have had!!! The BBC is normally known for being unbiased. Unbiased this programme was NOT.

And as a result of that storm, has come MIX BREEDING. Because of the market this kind of assumption about purebred dogs has created. And believe me, if you think it’s bad with purebred breeding, from watching this one programme alone, you ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to irresponsible mix breeding, done by BYBs. The KC here has taken steps to try to prevent the worst of what’s going on in the world of show dogs at least – one thing being the compulsory testing of BOB winners in certain breeds felt to be ‘at risk’.

It has been said since, many times, that there should have been a follow up programme, putting forward all the GOOD that there is within the world of the purebred dog. So just know, before you jump on the bandwagon, that this programme was highly loaded, and only showed a tiny part of the truth about purebred dogs.

Add – “The creator has an agenda, and everything she does is incredibly and unfairly biased.” Spot on!!

Do some research on the woman who made this documentary. She’s quite unhinged.

The documentary has one thing right, the dogs are registered purebred. Beyond that, it lumps pet store puppy mill dogs with well bred, health checked show dogs. It lumps bad breeders indiscriminately with good breeders. The creator has an agenda, and everything she does is incredibly and unfairly biased.

its a very biased show.

they took the worst of the worst examples of dogs and went with it.

Some breeds have improoved over the years because of selective breeding and line breeding. Wheres that information at?

You can thank the Conformation Show ring and it’s advocates for that. Stick to people who are breeding for each dog’s function….not form (as it pertains to winning shows).

I dvr’d it and am watching it now! 9 minutes and I’m already sickened… 🙁

*caugh* Inbred breeding *caugh*

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