Can you become a dancer without a dance degree?


Sorry Emily but I’ve seen your other questions.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Not sure if you are 25 or your sister is 25 as you’ve said both in your questions but if you already have a degree in something else as you say then you have to be in your twenties and as such far too old to make it as a dancer I’m afraid.

However, if it is your passion to teach dance as you say, then a dance degree is not a bad thing as governments are wanting all teachers to hold degrees nowadays including dance teachers. You would however also have to get dance teacher qualifications through a dance society to teach dance unless you get a PGCE after the degree and do dance within a school either state or private.

You certainly are not too late to take that route but it would be a long road.

Unfortunately state schools seem to be guiding dance students down the route of a degree as if it is required for a dancer when it fact it is the end for a dancer if they take that route. (I am UK)


off course why people need any degree for that!

You certainly can.

Um… yes.

I didn’t even know they Had degrees for dancing, isn’t dance a intuitive thing, you just wiggle wiggle wiggle and Voila you’re dancing!

If you want to join a dance troupe or some formal posh dancing ensemble you may need a degree, But most dancing jobs just require an audition.

you can become a dancer for any job (stage, video, movie, circus, clubs, etc.) without a degree.

things like Ballet or other formalized structured methods of classical dance may require a degree or some schooling in their methods, but otherwise you’re good to go.

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