Can avg block conficker on a COMPUTER?


Yes,AVG can remove all variants of the Conflicker Worm.Just go to and see it for yourself.

If the Conficker worm gets a re-write, then it is possible that no anti-virus or anti-malware will be able to block it until it has been studied. That’s just why malware is such a problem.

If your computer has all of the critical updates from Microsoft, then you are protected from the current Conficker. However, it is possible that other malware might try to install a variation of Conficker, so you have to be careful.

You can also run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Click Start
Click Run
Type MRT
Press Enter

The vulnerability that the Conficker worm exploits to infect computers was patched by Microsoft, way back in October.

Any computer that is fully patched and updated with all Windows updates can NOT be infected by Conflicker via the internet…even if they were running no anti-virus at all! (Not recommended of course)

It’s the 30% who never update Windows that needs to worry.

Anyone having Windows Update set to “automatic” should already be all set. (immune)

If you want to double-check, You can check by clicking Tools > Windows updates > View update history. Or Control Panel Add/Remove Programs > Check “Show updates (up top). It’s update # KB958644.

The only sure way to protect your machine from Conficker is the patch!

yes it does. don’t trust people off yahoo answers to much. do some research yourself directly from the source if possible. anyway to help you i decided to give you to helpful links. if you feel ok following these links follow these routes from avg home page
avg home-> “why avg tab at top of page”-> scroll ,and under buy and download click learn more->under product comparison, click “compare all products at a glance” and “AVG’s different protection layers”.

-keep your computer updated even with a anti virus system, it is worthless without the security updates, this you probably know already 🙂
– if you got vista run windows defender, it is a great program that i love,
avg free may not protect against conficker I don’t know.
– windows defender should find it.
– you shouldn’t get it if your computer is updated, but be wary they still get through.
– all anti virus systems should protect against conficker so don’t trust people who say no it doesn’t.
– if you have a mac don’t worry you are safe.
-don’t follow links you don’t know! sometimes the take you directly to a hacker site.

Conflicker Worm is created and released on October 2008, about 15 millions of computers are being infected with this Worm, but so far the Worm is not doing any harm yet.. Tomorrow is the day that it will start making the harm, it will be activated and take controlled of the computer.. To prevent it, you should run Windows Updates, if you cannot access to Windows Updates, then you are screwed because thats mean you have the virus and it will be activated tomorrow.. if you could run Windows Updates then you are fine, but make sure you have a updated anti-virus to lower the risk of being infected with Conflicker.. for free anti-virus, google “free avg or avast”.. good luck!!

AVG is not too good with trojans, you would need an anti-spyware program.
Some are free, some are paid. I am using Spyware Doctor against such infections.
Here some information about conficker :…

No but updates from microsoft will. Don’t worry as long as you have antivirus like avast home which is better than avg and free. Download it at and run an update scan and register it.

No it can’t, however mcrosoft has a patch that can, if you suspect that your already infected

Follow the instruction on the link below, its step by step howto using free tools to clean your computer of virus and spyware ver very effective, guaranteed

10 easy steps virus and spyware removal using free tools…

The free versions of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware are very good for on-demand scans and removal.

check this out
it can of course.

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