Bob Sheppard the the legendary Public address Announcer for the Yankees has died. Your thoughts?

Condolences to the family of Bob Sheppard. He will be sorely missed by many Yankee fans.

He was the Public Address Announcer for the Yankees from 1951-2007. He even has his own plaque in Monument Park in Yankee stadium. A true legend & a man who was a class act till the end. He will be missed

Such a sad and terrible loss for all of baseball, not just the Yankees. Bob Sheppard and his voice is legendary, and will be greatly missed. He wasn’t like other public address announcers, all the players from both teams were announced in the same classy, respectful manner that he had. Even players on other teams looked forward to coming to Yankee Stadium, so they could hear Mr. Sheppard announce their name. He will live on in Monument Park, memories of the fans, and of course, in the recording that is played every time Derek Jeter comes to bat.

I found out about this 2 hours ago and I got so sad. His voice such beauty . His voice the classics that come once in a lifetime. How he would announce the players name no one could do it better than him. I personally will miss him and I know all Yankee Fans will too. I love the fact Jeter still uses Bob Sheppards voice when he comes to at bat .

There’s very few announcers whose voices immediately set the place when you hear them. Bob Sheppard’s voice was first on that list. I always thought what a thrill it must be for a twenty-two year old kid to walk to the plate for the first time at Yankee Stadium and hear that voice (and dreamed many times of being that 22-year old kid).

My thoughts go out to his family, his friends, the Yankees organization and his many, many fans from all around baseball. We lost one of the great ones today. RIP, Mr. Sheppard.

Next time God needs someone to build a baseball field in Iowa, he has a new voice.

A sad day for the Yankees organization as well as the world of baseball. For 57 years, Sheppard graced the Yankee Stadium with his charismatic voice and to live up to 99 is truly remarkable. More importantly, Sheppard was a god to them. My thoughts and prayers goes to the family he has left behind.

Wow.. I just found this out and I don’t even know what to say. It’s hard to fathom losing a legend like that. He will always be the voice of the Yankees and it’s sad to think he’s no longer with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I hope in the future baseball fans will remember him and be able to understand what a great man he was. He will be missed by the Yankees and baseball fans everywhere.
Goodbye to a wonderful man and the voice of Yankee Stadium.

Scooter you reminded of a great moment the one about the plaque at Momument Park, after he thanked the fans and players for the 50 years he worked there then he said he was gonna do it for another 50 years.

Rip Bob Sheppard.

Harwell and Sheppard in the same year, two great voices slienced although not the same type of job. I’ve always thought what Derek Jeter does for his at-bat introductions was so cool. RIP to Mr. Sheppard, I know he will be so sorely missed.

OMG! I didn’t read this. My heart is deeply saddened by his passing. This is truly passing of a legend. I will always remember his voice, and others have said before me, I would like him to announce me when I get to the Pearly Gates as a Yankee Fan.

May the next step see him in the Hall of Fame

Thank you for the info.

This is the first time i’m hearing this news ; from your question. That’s so sad, he was such a big part of the Yankees. I mean, he was he voice of god. He is definitely a legend, and he will always be remembered as a gentle & classy guy.

Really sorry to hear that. He was one of a kind. I will always associate his voice with the Yankees and Yankee stadium. I’m sure he will be really missed by baseball fans everywhere.

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