ALERT From a Celtics fan!: Lakers & Bulls fans?

I would like to form an alliance to root against the Miami Heat. The whole catch is to BEAT THE HEAT!

Bull fans must root for Boston to beat the Heat (vice versa to beat Hawks) so we can have a classic ECF series.

now IF boston doesn’t get the job done

Laker fans & Celtic fans must root for Bulls to…

yes im down. My alliance is to roote against lebron, so therefore I will be rooting against the heat!

Im down with bulls all the way. The hawks got lucky and really wasnt missing that much , and rose had a off-game well be ready tomorrow. And i wanna see bulls vs. Heat so thAt the bulls can beat lebron wAde and bosh, so that they can be mad and wishe they would have came to the bulls lol

Laker fan rooting for Chicago because of the fact Miami believes prevailing the NBA championship is basically a formality on a thank you to their coronation. nicely, that’s the stable ole USof A and “King James” you aint getting topped! extra like clowned! %. your lip up!!

No, sorry man, I’m an honest Lakers fan, but Chi-Town is overrated. They played so many close games against Indiana, now they playing a much better Atlanta team. They will lose in 7

im a die hard bulls fan, but i fu*ckn hate LeBitch and Chris Bit*hass
i also dont like celtics but i would rather see the celtics and bulls in eastern semi conference
but as for the western i wouldnt want to see lakers get their 3peat becuz they would be tied with celtics for championships and my friend who is also a celtics fan would brag about that sh*t to me so i would rather see memphis play and dallas becuz i hate okalahoma bcuz of their cockya*s

BULLs vs Grizzilies
Celtics Vs Dallas

Ok Im Down

Sounds pretty gay to me but if you children want to play Power Rangers fine by me.

But be advised that that is a copyrighted slogan and I will have my lawyers involved if it is overly used without my consent

everyone who isn’t a Heat fan is rooting against them

There is already an alliance that goes against the Heat. It’s called “The NBA fanbase”.

It won,t work!!!…it,s about what happens on the court!!!

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