4Yr old boy still in pull ups for pee and poop everyday?

I know someone who has a boy that just turned 4. He is not potty trained at all, and wears pull ups 24/7. When you ask him if he has to go poop, he says no, then he leaves the room, hides somewhere like his room, and comes back saying poop and laughing because he pooped in his pull up. He aslo pee’s in his pull…

just think child has total control of this situation parents need to take off pull ups worst thing ever invented i think make some effort to train their child.its extremely sad that a child of 4 not toilet trained yet.i just think child gotten away with it for so long he knows no different dont think there anything wrong with child at all think its parents who are at fault

LOTS of little boys arent trained until atleast 3 1/2 which is only months away from four. It isnt the parents fault-each little boy has their own time frame. You cant FORCE a kid to go on the potty, they have to be ready. A sign of potty training is leaving the room to go #2. It seems like he knows he shouldnt do it ….he’s taking a little longer but he will get it. Probably just overnight one day soon. Doesnt look like many people here have had toddler boys!!!

Is he disabled at all? If so that’s understandable. If not, his parents are lazy and need to get off their butts and train him. If I was babysitting him and he’s 4 and he said he didn’t have to poop, then left, did it, and laughed about it, he’d be cleaning himself up. Do not babysit him anymore. It’s just not worth it.

The first guy is right–his parents aren’t sticking to a regimen!
He is plenty old enough to be trained–they are too lazy.
Either tell them you won’t take him til he’s trained, or try training him yourself.
Take away all the pullups, put him in underwear, and spank if he messes them. Make him know that YOU will not tolerate that!

I would be annoyed if I were you too. His parents need to stop being lazy and get the kid potty trained. How is he going to go to preschool or kindergarten in the next year or two?

no offense to his parents but they are not trying, for peeing try putting cherios in the toilet and gettin him 2 aim for them (he’ll think its a game and everytime he has to pee he’ll get 2 play it) as for poop put him in normal under ware being dirty is very uncomfortable in normal underware, you could also tell him that only babies still wear diapers/pull-ups (maybe treat him as one)

Lazy parents.

it is the sorry parents fault, what are they drug addicts or something?

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