When did the Jews leave or lose Israel? How did modern Isreal begin?

Jews never left Israel entirely. Most were scattered across the globe in AD 70, when the Romans conquered Judea – they renamed it ‘palestina’ after the already vanquished Philistines.

But a reduced Jewish community remained in Palestine, along with Turks and Arabs. The region of ‘palestina’ was always home to many disparate groups.

Jews from across the globe – from Yemen to Russia – began arriving in Palestina in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The region was desolate and very under populated – as testified by numerous travellers there, Mark Twain included.

The Jews that arrived bought land sold to them by absentee Arab landlords. Contrary to popular Arab mythology, nobody was ‘displaced’.

Attracted by the jobs opened up by what Jews were doing to the desert, more and more Arabs began arriving – but their arrival was ‘invisible’ as they just had to cross borders from the neighbouring Arab countries.

Nobody complained about the MILLIONS of Arabs who arrived from Egypt and Jordan etc.

In 1920 and onwards, Arabs and Muslims massacred Palestinian Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem.

The UN officially voted Israel into being in 1948 – and SIX ARAB armies attacked twelve hours later.

To *CORRECT* some people here:

No land was taken away from anyone and ‘given to european jews’. This is nonsense.

One of the major waves of immigration was that of the YEMENITE JEWS. Strange how everyone forgets that!

Some Jews BOUGHT land – fair and square. Their descendants still have the DEEDS to the land to PROVE it.

Strange, isn’t it? Nobody complains about the millions of ARABS who MOVED into the region – but when Jews do the same, then it’s a different story.

The Arabs own 99.99999% of the Middle East – and ALL THE *OIL*.

Jews are the ONLY ones who have lived for 3700 years, continuously in what is NOW Israel.

Muslim countries: TWENTY-TWO

Jewish countries: ONE

Israel = 0.01% of the Middle East

Wow, loads of inaccuracies here this is what particularly befell interior the 365 days one hundred thirty five CE, the Romans desperate to evict maximum folk of Jews residing interior the province of Judea, after the Bar Kochba rebel. The province had considered many insurrections ever as a results of fact the Romans took over. First with the Sicarii Zealots assassinating many Romans and Roman collaborators, which then outfitted as much as the Jewish conflict form sixty six CE to 70CE, and then the Bar Kochba rebel sixty 5 years later. Rome desperate that they had sufficient, so as that they kicked out lots of the Jewish inhabitants, and then renamed the province “Syria Palestina” from which we get the be conscious “Palestine” The Romans have been given the call form the classic and long extinct enemy of the Jews, the Philistines. in addition they replaced the call of Jerusalem to “Aelia Capitolina” some Jews have been allowed to stay, yet they have been interior the minority. there exchange into an in the past expulsion of Jews from Israel interior the 6th Century BCE whilst the Babylonians conquered the area. maximum have been allowed to return presently after the Persians conquered the Babylonians. some did stay in Mesopatamia and Persia, and a few stay there as we talk.

While many of the answers are largely correct, the diaspora (the expulsion of most Jews from Roman Occupied Israel) didn’t occur when Titus Vespasian destroyed the Temple in 70AD. In fact, under Simon Bar Kochba, there was a successful (quasi) revolt that saw a restored independent Israel in 130 AD, but the Roman response was predictably harsh and the revolt put down in 134AD. Even so, no all Jews were taken away as slaves or deported, and the Jewish presence in the Territory that Romans renamed Palestine (the Latin version of Philistine, a dig at the Jews to rename the place for the ancient enemies) has been documented throughout the middle ages and into Modern times.

In 1917, toward the end of World War One, a British Prime Minister named Balfour, in anticipation of wresting control of the region from the ailing Ottoman Empire, issued a declaration stating the British intention of creating a Jewish Homeland with part of that land. So European Jewish immigration into the region began. After World War Two, that trickle of immigration became a flood, as survivors tried to put the horrors of Hitler behind them. In 1948, the U.N. approved a plan to partition the British Mandate of Palestine into two countries, Jordan and Israel. The Jews living in the Trans-Jordan region had to leave, losing homes and lands, but were quickly repatriated by Israel. SOME of the Arabs living in the Israeli sector left (some remained, there have been Arab members of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, since its inception, and currently, Israel’s top diplomat to the US is an Israeli Arab, Muslim not Jewish), but rather than being repatriated by Jordon, accepted refugee status on the promise of a swift war by Egypt, Syria and the Saudis, to destroy Israel. But they didn’t win that war, nor the next, nor the next. The Arab countries do not lift a finger to repatriate the grand and great grand children of the refugees because they know it creates a PR nightmare for Israel.

The Jews were expelled by the Romans after the revolt of 66 AD. The Romans crushed the rebellion, burned the temple in Jerusalem, and enslaved or deported the Jews.

The modern Zionist movement began in 1890, after the Dreyfus affair in France. There were several waves of settlers, mostly metropolitan Europeans who established communal farms (kibbutz) in Israel. The movement accelerated during the pogroms in Russia and the Holocaust. At several points, Britain unsuccsessfully tried to curb Jewish immigration to appease the Arabs who started anti-Jewish riots. Finally, in 1947, the UN voted to grant independence to Israel.

The Diaspora of the Jews happened predominantly during and after the Jewish rebellion of 66-70 AD, particularly after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple. Modern Israel was given to the Jews by the victorious Alled Powers after WWII. Well, given is not entirely accurate. They still had to fight for it.

The Romans destroyed Israel around 70AD. The diaspora was what happened to the survivors of the war with Rome. They were all sold into slavery around the empire. Only a few Jews managed to escape, and remain in Israel. They coexisted with their Arab neighbors in the land of Palestine for many centuries. The British colonial period took over Palestine in the 19th century. When the allies won WW2, they decided to create a country in Palestine for the Jews. They took the land away from the Arab Christians, and Muslims, created an artificial border, and began to bring surviving Jews to Israel in the years after 1945. In 1948, the British decided to leave Palestine. They arbitrarily gave other peoples lands away to European Jews, who were becoming a majority in the area. Thus began the war we are still seeing today in the middle east. Why do white Europeans feel they can take over another peoples land, and give it away? It happened in the USA to my own people too. I do not believe the current state of Israel is the Israel written about in the bible. Pax Christi

Jews left Israel at various points but the time at which most of the population began to leave was around 60-70AD. Blame the Romans.

In 1900 there were only around 25-30,000 Jews in Palestine, representing less than 5% of the population.

Modern Israel was created by the UN after WW2 but this was highly contentious as it resulted in a huge number of Arabs being displaced from the land they and their ancestors had lived on for many centuries. It became even more controversial when Israel grabbed more and more land, beyond what it had been awarded by the UN. That is why we now have the occupied territories and no Palestinian state at all. Around 3-4 million Jews emigrated to Israel after 1948, mostly from Eastern Europe. Almost the entire Jewish population of Israel are first, second, or third generation immigrants.

Since Abraham enter the land of Israel about 4000 years ago there has always been a Jewish presence there. Modern Israel began because of the persecution of the Jewish people, beginning in the late 1800’s in Russia caused the Jewish people to start moving back into Israel. At that time virtually no one lived there except for the Bedowin and about 16% of the land was populated half by Jewish people and half by Arabs. The rest was government owned land and was swamps and desserts. The returning Jewish people drained the swamps and irrigated the desserts and began to produce products. In the 1920’s many Arabs moved into the land because there was now work available. These became the Palestinians of today. The two groups have been fighting ever since.

lol it was the Christian romans who kicked out the jews from Israel and it was the muslims who let them back in, but now both the jews and Christian’s have sided against the muslims and kicked them out.

Modern Israel:
By repeatedly terrorizing and conquering/occupying the territories of the communities already present.

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