Urgent please help (10 points)?

Okay i need help with my project it is about Puerto Rico , Caguas
i need to know the flag and information of Caguas and the “himno” de caguas
is urgent 10 points for best answer ‘

Go here. It has some very good information.

This site has good information too, and if you scroll down a nice big picture of the flag.

Hope that helps!

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well, it is located in south america, where there is poverty everywhere. Sickness is a big deal because people drink water where others urinate or wash, and 50% of children die before the age of 10. Although it has a bad history of war and abuse, the U.S is sending volenteers to go and help the unfortunate


See the above links, plus the page has other links where you can find more information. Good luck!

well, all i no is the u can look up the flag on google images and the info on wik.com

google it, or find all the info you need in wikipedia

Got it. click on the link below.

yeah, you really should just google it…here’s the flag…

sorry no help here

here is the website

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